Former top Dem senator says Biden’s ‘most important’ goal is to force Netanyahu out

Former U.S. Sen. Claire McCaskill believes President Joe Biden’s “most important goal” regarding relations with Israel amid the war with Gaza is to force out the nation’s prime minister.

Speaking with “Morning Joe” co-host Willie Geist on MSNBC, the former Missouri Democrat argued that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is holding onto power “by his fingernails” and Biden’s job is to get others in the Israeli government to push the leader out.

“The president has talked about a red line in Rafah, that it will not tolerate a full-scale invasion from Israel. When you see the images coming out of this camp, of these Palestinian refugees, many of them women and children, truly horrifying images, what do you make of that red line? What does it take to cross the line for President Biden?” Geist asked on Tuesday’s program.

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“Well, you know, it might be time for us to back up and look at this from the very beginning and realize what Hamas has accomplished here. A horrible terrorist organization that wants nothing more than to wipe Israel off the face of the planet went into Israel and committed atrocities knowing what Netanyahu’s reaction would be, knowing that this would stop the progress of normalizing relationships between Israel and other Arab nations in the Middle East, knowing that there would be a disproportionate response,’ McCaskill replied.

“When I say disproportionate, I mean numbers of civilians killed. I’m not saying that there’s anything that Israel has done that comes close to the horrible atrocities that were purposely committed by Hamas back on October 7th… What they wanted more than anything is to isolate Israel. They also wanted to recruit more extreme terrorists to their cause,” she continued before focusing on the Israeli strike in the southern Gaza city of Rafah that killed at least 45 people.

Netanyahu said Monday that a “tragic mishap” was made by Israel’s military in the airstrike.

“So what I would ask Benjamin Netanyahu at this point is, what is the goal here? How do you think you’re ever going to get ahead of this if by your actions, even if it is a tragic mistake, you’re creating more of the very people you’re trying to eliminate?” McCaskill said.

Geist asked how Biden should handle Netanyahu in light of the recent incident.

“Well, I think he’s been trying to do all of this back channel,” she replied.

“But the most important goal, I believe, for this presidency right now is to get Netanyahu to resign,” the former congresswoman declared.

“Netanyahu is holding onto power by his fingernails because of the far-right, who sees the destruction of Gaza in all areas, of any Palestinians in Israel, as their goal. Their goal is very extreme. That’s how he is in power,” she claimed. “So if he backs up on them, he cannot be in power anymore because he doesn’t have the coalition he needs.”

“So I think that Biden has to continue to try to press other people in the Israeli government to move as quickly and as strongly as they can to get Netanyahu out of that position,” McCaskill concluded.

Last month, she blasted the Israeli prime minister as “a one-man-wrecking-crew” and claimed he is more self-serving than looking out for his nation’s good.

(Video Credit: MSNBC)

“Netanyahu is a one-man-wrecking crew for Israel’s national security. And I say that because he is destroying the support for Israel around the world,” the MSNBC analyst said.

“And, you know, if you’ve been to Israel, and you spent time there, it’s a small country, and it’s been surrounded by dangerous neighbors for its entire existence. And it has survived for a number of reasons. But one of them is it’s had such broad international support. It’s had really good friends, among democracies in the world, among people who love freedom in the world, chief among them, the United States and Europe,” she added.

“What Netanyahu is doing is he is brick by brick destroying that wall of support, because he is more worried about his political future than he is the future of Israel,” she claimed.

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