E. Jean Carroll’s attorney hints at going after Trump again after a Memorial Day shoutout

Defamation redux could be inbound for the former president as E. Jean Carroll’s attorney hinted at more lawfare after a Memorial Day shoutout included a reference to “Human Scum.”

With clients ranging from President Joe Biden’s daughter, Ashley Biden, to homosexuals raging against Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R), Roberta Kaplan has been part of a considerable number of the current culture war’s high-profile cases. Now, after securing an eight-figure sum for Carroll after former President Donald Trump was found civilly liable for defamation and battery, the attorney suggested yet another trip to court could be in the works.

Monday afternoon, commentator and New York Times contributor Maggie Haberman posted to X, “After Trump, who arrived in NY last night, attacked E Jean Carroll again on Truth Social today, her lawyer Roberta Kaplan says, ‘We have said several times since the last jury verdict in January that all options were on the table. And that remains true today — all options are on the table.”

That statement came only a few hours after Trump posted a Memorial Day message to Truth Social that addressed several of his Big Apple cases, including those with Carroll, “Happy Memorial Day to All, including the Human Scum that is working so hard to destroy our Once Great Country, & to the Radical Left, Trump Hating Federal Judge in New York that presided over, get this, TWO separate trials, that awarded a woman, who I never met before (a quick handshake at a celebrity event, 25 years ago, doesn’t count!), 91 MILLION DOLLARS for ‘DEFAMATION.'”

“She didn’t know when the so-called event took place — sometime in the 1990’s — never filed a police report, didn’t have to produce the ‘dress’ that she threatened me with (it showed negative!), & sung my praises in the first half of her CNN Interview with Alison Cooper, but changed her tune in the second half — Gee, I wonder why (UNDER APPEAL!)?” continued the former president noting an appeal had been filed in March.

“The Rape charge was dropped by a jury!” he asserted before moving on to his fraud case that was also being appealed. “Or Arthur Engoron, the N.Y. State Wacko Judge who fined me almost 500 Million Dollar (UNDER APPEAL) for DOING NOTHING WRONG, used a Statute that has never been used before, gave me NO JURY, Mar-a-Lago at $18,000,000 — Now for Merchan!”

Kaplan had been teasing another trip to court since accompanying her client on a corporate media victory tour in January where Carroll had expressed intent to use her $83 million in damages against Trump to “cause him pain.”

During one such interview with ABC’s George Stephanopoulos, Kaplan had asserted regarding the possibility of the president reiterating comments that had resulted in the defamation suit, “All options are on the table. If we have to bring another case, we bring another case.”

As it happened, the host had suggested during the conversation that Carroll could give the money to “a fund for the women who have been sexually assaulted by Donald Trump.”

Similar remarks had landed Stephanopoulos with a defamation suit of his own in March after the host had claimed during an interview with South Carolina Rep. Nancy Mace (R) that Trump had been found “liable for rape.”

“Judges and two separate juries have found him liable for rape and for defaming the victim of that rape. How do you square your endorsement of Donald Trump with the testimony we just saw?” he asked.

Attorney Alejandro Brito noted in a 20-page complaint on behalf of Trump that, “The jury expressly found that Plaintiff did not commit rape and, as demonstrated below, Defendant George Stephanopoulos was aware of the jury’s finding in this regard yet still falsely stated otherwise.”

“Since making such false, malicious, and defamatory statements, many news and press outlets have continued to quote Stephanopoulos by wrongfully broadcasting that Plaintiff was found liable for rape,” continued the filing.

Kevin Haggerty


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