Fox contributor disagrees with Time magazine’s presidential snub: ‘The world did end because of Joe Biden’

Fox News’ Tammy Bruce declared on Friday that the world has effectively ended because of President Joe Biden.

She made the unusual remarks during a discussion on Fox News’ “Hannity” about Time magazine’s decision to snub President Biden in its 2024 “100 Most Influential People” list.


“I would disagree with that Influential list,” she said. “Clearly, Joe Biden is the most influential person on Earth by doing nothing, by neutering the United States. Every horrible thing that’s happening. There is no good thing that’s happening because of this man.”

She then pointed to all the ongoing conflicts, including the Ukraine-Russia war, the Israel-Hamas war, and the burgeoning Israel-Iran war.

“There’s now more and more people saying that they feel dumb and embarrassed for having voted for Joe Biden,” she continued. “But that’s what fear does to you. This is why there’s this demonizing of Donald Trump, trying to make you think the world is gonna end. And lo and behold, the world did end because of Joe Biden.”

“And now we’ve got a chance to make a difference here. And this is what the bad guys also know. This is why the rest of this year as Donald Trump – they’ve tried to put him in a cage – the one guy that can save this nation and the world at this point,” she added.

She was obviously exaggerating, but the point she was trying to make seems clear: The world is coming unglued because of President Biden’s weak, pathetic leadership domestically and on the world stage.

She’s not the only one who feels this way. Last month Sen. Lindsey Graham told “Meet the Press” that the president “has screwed the world up every way you can.”

Some everyday Americans share this sentiment as well. Take Ed Davis, a Pennsylvania man who wrote a letter to the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review’s editor last year accusing the president of being “on a mission to destroy America as we know it since his inauguration.”

“He started on day one in office by issuing multiple executive orders, including essentially opening our borders to millions of foreign invaders, with many being military-aged males from around the world (China, Russia and the Middle East),” the letter reads. “These include potential foreign saboteurs, terrorists and drug cartel members infiltrating our country for future operations within our borders.”

“He’s destroyed our energy independence by curtailing drilling and implementing crushing regulations on the industry while depleting our strategic petroleum reserves. He’s overseeing the destruction of our cities caused by lawlessness and the invasion of illegal immigrants with no means of support and a sense of entitlement,” the letter continues.

Davis went on to pin the blame for the Ukraine-Russia war on the president’s “demonstrated weakness in Afghanistan and on the world stage.”

“We’re now close to war with Russia because of his failed leadership,” he wrote. “[Biden is] also responsible for the newly formed Russia-China-Iran alliance that will almost certainly result in a major world conflict in the future.”

Davis also accused Biden of destroying the U.S. economy “with his socialist agenda, green energy obsession and out-of-control spending.”

“He touts ‘Bidenomics,’ which actually means that you pay more and get less. His promotion of woke ideology is destroying our youth and hampering our military readiness,” Davis wrote.

“In my opinion, he’s the most destructive, divisive president in modern history. Citizens who want to restore the nation to freedom and prosperity need to rise up and vote wisely in 2024,” he concluded.

But it’s not just a theory or belief that Biden is wrecking America and the world order. It would appear by all counts to be a valid fact. The proof comes courtesy of Politico, which noted last year that the Biden administration’s plans to build a “new economic world order” were backfiring spectacularly.

“[B]uilding a new world economy is proving more difficult than eulogizing the old one,” the report read. “While the pro-globalization consensus has shown cracks for years … Biden’s team has struggled to outline how it will shape new rules and institutions to replace those that governed the world for the last half-century.”

Meanwhile, as the president struggles, the rest of the world continues to burn …

Vivek Saxena


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