British man receives visit from police after social media post telling Christians to ‘take a stand’

Concerns over a “police state” and “dictatorship” arose in Britain after a Christian’s social media posts warranted a house call with a mental health nurse.

“Now you’ve turned up at my house ’cause I went [to] see my priest.”

The continued crackdown against free speech has produced some fairly dramatic moments in places like Canada and Europe where laws and ordinances have seemingly favored certain demographics over others. After already witnessing a woman arrested for silent prayer near an abortion clinic, British cops took their seemingly anti-Christian policing to a one man’s home after a recent attack on a Bishop in Australia prompted him to raise his voice.

“So, specifically, you’re here because I said that Christians need to take a stand,” the man could be heard saying in one video where two officers and a man who referred to himself as a nurse could be seen making a house call.

“I’ve not got two police officers and a mental health nurse coming to see me because I went to the church and spoke to my local priest about what happened to the bishop in Australia and said ‘are we Christians supposed to take a stand?'” he could be heard saying as he turned the camera toward himself and then back on the unexpected visitors.

“I’m not calling for violence or anything like that…this is discrimination against Christians right now, because if I was Islamic, and I said anything along them lines you wouldn’t care. You allow hate preachers in this country to preach the killing of homosexuals, and now you’re on my door because I said Christians need to take a stand,” he said.

Earlier in the week, Bishop Mar Mari Emmanuel had been seen preaching at the Christ The Good Shepherd Church in Wakeley Australia in what cops are investigating as “a terrorist incident.”

While the bishop recovered at the hospital, he issued a message on social media expressing his forgiveness for the suspected teen assailant who was said to have targeted Emmanuel with a knife. “I say to him, ‘You’re my son. I love you and I will always pray for you. And whoever sent you to do this, I forgive them as well, in Jesus.”

Elsewhere in the man’s interactions with the British authorities, he could be heard asking, “So, why are you here today, sorry?”

“So what are the concerns you’re here for, ’cause this is religious discrimination right now, you know? ‘Cause you wouldn’t be knockin’ on Muslims’ doors if they had this conversation,” he asserted.

When his posts about the bishop were brought up, the man pointed out, “Yeah, so? I’m an Orthodox Christian. Now you’ve turned up at my house ’cause I went [to] see my priest.”

He also said, “So, because I’ve questioned about the Church not acting on the behalf of Christians, you’re now turning up here with mental health nurses assuming that I’m some right-wing nutter.”

One viral clip of the interaction that began with the man requesting each person provide their identity to the camera so he could pass the information along to an attorney, RadioGenoa captioned, “British police and a psychologist showed up at this man’s home because he had posted on social media ‘Christians must stand up’ after Islamist attack on bishop in Australia. This usually happens in dictatorships.”

“We Christians can’t even voice an opinion without having police — and it’s not you…you’re doing your job the same as you are, and people like you are the salt of the earth, let’s have it right,” the man added, making clear his problem was with the policy, not those enforcing it.

The scene in the U.K. came not long after videos began circulating on social media from the U.S. where people suggested they were receiving visits from the FBI over their critical posts of President Joe Biden.

Meanwhile, the Justice Department has officially concluded an Inspector General review of the same agency exonerating them of “malicious intent” for seemingly conflating Catholics with domestic terrorists.

The increasing number of instances of the trampling of religious liberties and other God-given freedoms raised the ire of many who condemned what was readily described as a “police state and woke b.s.”

Kevin Haggerty


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