‘Fox & Friends’ hosts not buying KJP’s claim Biden videos are ‘cheapfakes’: ‘These are not lying eyes’

Following a bedraggled, stressed, and tired-looking White House press secretary informing the press that video clips of President Biden were nothing more than “cheapfakes,” Fox & Friends clapped back.

White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre made the assertion concerning clips of Biden who appears befuddled and to freeze in a number of them. According to her, we shouldn’t believe our lyin’ eyes but what the administration tells us instead. They claim that the clips are selectively edited to make Biden look bad.

Somehow the White House believes that if longer clips are played it will give more context to the president’s deteriorating condition. In reality, longer clips would almost assuredly highlight even further the sad plight of Biden, as was the case last week when the White House claimed ‘disinformation’ over a clip of Biden looking lost while overseas.

The co-hosts of Fox & Friends pointed out that the White House’s aggressive attacks on video clips of Biden, which the Left has branded as “cheapfakes,” is political manipulation that contends there is nothing wrong with the president. The damning videos have triggered the Left’s attack mode considering the presidential election is less than five months away.

“They are done in bad faith. And, some of your news organizations have, have been very clear, have stressed that these right-wing, the right-wing critics of the president have a credibility problem because the fact-checkers have repeatedly caught them pushing misinformation, disinformation,” Jean-Pierre charged spewing talking points being used by the Left incessantly.

Fox News senior White House correspondent Peter Doocy nailed the excuses and gaslighting on Fox News, “During the briefing yesterday, though, she referred to ‘cheapfakes’ and also deepfakes while dismissing these clips. But there’s an important difference. A deepfake is if somebody is using AI or some other software to change the things that President Biden is doing or saying. A cheapfake is just if a clip is cut shorter than they want, or from an angle that they don’t like. Both of them are the same though, in that they are both being used as terms to scapegoat as this White House just does not want people to think that the things they see on social media are as they appear.”

(Video Credit: Fox News)

“[T]here is something to the fact that a lot of these clips are lacking context. That doesn’t mean that the things people see are not happening. Like, you see something, these clips are not being manipulated with AI. There are, there are, but there’s always context. The thing is, every video that you see on the internet is in some way edited or clipped unless you’re rewatching an entire livestream of something played back from start to finish. Everything is cut at some point. And White House officials just want the clips to be way longer so that people can see way more context,” Doocy added.

On Fox & Friends, co-host Lawrence Jones noted that in his family, an elderly member who is no longer all there is taken by the hand to guide them and make sure they stay safe.

Co-host Ainsley Earhardt admitted that the videos circulating about Biden will sway some voters but noted the significant differences between Biden and Trump: “If you know nothing about politics and you watch those videos, then the White House is trying to say manipulation. If you watch those videos and don’t know anything about politics you can’t unsee that you are right,” she said. “These are not lying eyes. A video is not lying. Is he not dancing, he is being pulled off. Here’s the thing when you are choosing between the two presidents. This is going to be a factor. It just is.”

(Video Credit: Fox News)

The Left is saying that Biden did not meander off during the G7 skydiving event in Italy. They claim he went to see one of the skydivers who was packing his chute. But when looking at the complete video that is not evident. What can be agreed on is that Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni gently guided the president back to the group as he was the only one turned the other way.

Then there are the videos of Obama nudging Biden off-stage at a fundraiser and the president stiffly celebrating Juneteenth. Americans believe what they see when it comes to the president’s frailty.

The real sore spot is the fact that people are actually seeing Biden’s movements and responses and it isn’t flattering to his image or the Democrat Party. This is why they want the clips censored on social media.


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