Jean-Pierre rails about ‘cheap fakes’ Biden videos. That’s what they’re going with, now?

The regime’s propaganda has now reached the “don’t believe your own lying eyes” stage as pushback intensifies over two embarrassing videos featuring befuddled octogenarian Joe Biden.

The 81-year-old leader was already battling public doubts about his advanced age after a Wall Street Journal report that drew on dozens of interviews that portrayed him as mentally feeble, then the videos of him wandering off at the G7 and seeming to freeze at a star-studded fundraiser went viral.

On Monday, Biden’s top spox, White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre reacted to a reporter’s question about the clips by regurgitating the “cheap fakes” phrase that’s a not-so-clever variation of “deep fakes”  that’s being used in damage control efforts, which are ongoing.

(Video Credit: GOP War Room)

“I think you all have called this the ‘cheap fakes’ video, and that’s exactly what they are, they are cheap fake videos,” said the high-profile diversity hire.

“They are done in bad faith,” she said. “And some of your news organizations have, have been very clear, have stressed that these right-wing, the right-wing critics of the president have a credibility problem because of the fact-checkers have repeatedly caught them pushing misinformation, disinformation.”

Jean-Pierre’s “fact-checkers” are the usual collection of regime media outlets, purveyors of anti-Trump propaganda, fake news, and Biden puffery.

She added, “And so we see this, and this is something coming from your part of the world, calling them cheap fakes and misinformation.”

X users had a slightly different opinion.

The “cheap fakes” phrase – which is now being widely repeated by Biden surrogates – first surfaced last week after a video of the geriatric Democrat appearing to wander off from his fellow G7 leaders at the group’s European summit, and then being gently tugged back in the right direction by Italian PM Giorgia Meloni.

But he did it again at a star-studded gala in Los Angeles on Saturday, appearing to freeze in front of the crowd until former President Barack Obama pulled Biden offstage after George Clooney and Jimmy Kimmel helped him haul in nearly $30 million from the Hollywood high rollers who may have had more than a twinge of buyer’s remorse as they watched the sad scene.

(Video Credit: MSNBC)

“Fresh off being fact checked by at least 6 mainstream news organizations for lying about President Biden with cheap fakes, Rupert Murdoch’s sad little super pac, the New York Post, is back to disrespecting it’s readers and itself once again by pretending the President taking in an applauding crowd for a few seconds is somehow wrong. Their ethical standards could deal with a little unfreezing,” KJP’s fellow spinmeister Deputy White House Press Secretary Andrew Bates said in a statement.

Both videos are highly problematic for Biden’s ability to convince voters that he’s fit as a fiddle and capable of another rigorous term in the White House, and time is running out to reverse public opinion that he’s too old for the job with less than five months until the election.

What Jean-Pierre didn’t acknowledge is that the clips of Biden were unedited and publicly available, but as George Orwell once wrote, “The Party told you to reject the evidence of your eyes and ears. It was their final, most essential command.”

Chris Donaldson


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