Mom, kids booted from brewery for reporting ‘obvious man’ in ladies’ bathroom: ‘We have no rights’

Concern for kids was named as the reason a woman and her family were seen booted from a California brewery in a viral video over its “trans policy.”

“Because you disagree with their identity.”

Scratching off another “L” on the scoreboard for the left’s “inclusion” agenda, a video posted from Los Angeles Sunday highlighted how employees at Angel City Brewery seemingly showed preferential treatment to the rainbow mob, even when kids were involved.

Since deleted by the original poster, the first of several videos circulated on social media and amassed nearly 2 million views from Libs of TikTok alone with the caption, “A family was allegedly kicked out of @AngelCityBeer in Los Angeles because a mother complained about a man invading the woman’s bathroom.”

“The restaurant staff says it’s against their policy to ‘disagree’ with a trans person’s identity,” added Libs of TikTok.

In under two minutes, the woman expressed how an individual described as an “obvious man” was in the restroom washing his hands beside her and, “I have little kids, but we have no rights.”

“So we have to leave? The trans doesn’t have to leave that was using the women’s bathroom?” she continued. “The man doesn’t have to leave who made me uncomfortable. What about women’s rights? There’s no women’s rights, only trans rights, right?”

A follow-up video that was still on the customer’s TikTok page at the time of this posting included an interaction with a man higher in the brewery hierarchy who was asked, “Why are we being kicked out?

“You were disagreeing with the trans policies-” he smiled through an explanation as the customer interjected, “Cause I don’t feel comfortable, I’m disagreeing?”

In response, he seemed to contend that it was her opinion that the offending bathroom occupant was in fact a man that warranted her family getting removed from the establishment, “Because you disagree with their identity.”

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An additional video from the customer added that her problem was not with “trans” but with the fact that there were kids present. She also explained that the original video had been deleted after she learned that one of the employees featured was getting harassed as her ID badge had been visible in the clip.

As for Angel City Brewery, the chant “We’re here, we’re queer, we’re coming for your children” was brought to mind as a social media post the same day promoted the Out Block Party for “Pride” partnering with GLAAD (Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation) that detailed, “We’ll have plenty of live entertainment from DJs to Drag Queens, along with special drinks & dishes available only next sunday!! We’ve also got a special guest coming just for the occasion — the @rainbowbookbus!! Come by and support their cause to share LGBTQIA+ literature with those who need it most, and snap a pic in [front] of their amazing bus!!”


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The book bus detailed their mission as working “towards education freedom by fighting existing censorship and reacting to future attacks aimed to reduce access to inclusive stories for young people,” including infamous titles like “Gender Queer,” “Flamer,” and “All Boys Aren’t Blue.”

Reactions on social media contended the brewery was due for the “Bud Light” treatment.

Kevin Haggerty


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