Fox’s Cavuto asks Speaker Johnson if he’s ‘weaponizing the House’ against Dems

Fox News host Neil Cavuto had the nerve to ask House Speaker Mike Johnson whether he’s been weaponizing the House against Democrats.

Never mind that the Democrats have been weaponizing the entire government against former President Donald Trump.

Cavuto pressed Johnson during Wednesday’s edition of Fox News’ “Your World.”

“There’s sort of a pessimism that begins to develop, Mr. Speaker, that both sides are just playing this political game, a tit-for-tat game,” the demonstrably left-wing host said.

“What comes to mind is some of these actions that you have led post-Donald Trump convictions, where conservatives want a floor vote on a bill that would allow current or former presidents to move any case to a federal court. I know Jim Jordan has hinted at denying federal funding for state prosecutors investigating Donald Trump. Measures that probably won’t go very far. So why do them?” he then asked.


(Video Credit: Fox News)

Johnson replied by pointing to Congress’ responsibility for oversight.

“Well, because we have a responsibility here,” he said. “Congress has very particular duties under the Constitution. We have the responsibility of oversight and that’s what we have been engaging in.”

He continued by slamming Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg’s “politicized” prosecution against Trump.

“When you’re talking about funding for rogue prosecutors and offices like Alvin Bragg, who by some estimates, our early estimates, he received almost a million dollars of federal taxpayer funds in the last year to do what? To have politicized prosecutions of a political opponent of his party. He ran on that. That was the premise of his election to district attorney,” he said.

Correct. Meanwhile, as Bragg’s been busy persecuting Trump, he’s habitually been letting violent felons off the hook:

Cavuto responded by claiming he got Johnson’s point but then turned around and accused him of being as rotten as the Democrats.

“No, I certainly understand where you’re coming from, Mr. Speaker, but are you weaponizing the House the same way?” he said.

“No!” Johnson rightly replied.

“You say Democrats were weaponizing the DOJ to get what they wanted. Are you just doing it in a bigger platform, the entire House of Representatives?” Cavuto kept pressing.

The answer again was a resounding no.

“No, there is a very clear distinction between what we are doing and what they have done weaponizing the judicial system,” Johnson noted. “They’re undermining the people’s faith in our institutions, our system of justice itself. What we’re doing, Neil, is the opposite. We are trying to adhere to the rule of law.”

“We are trying to use the authority and the responsibility that we have in Congress to ensure that people can trust our justice system. It’s absolutely essential to maintain a constitutional republic, and they are undermining the public’s faith in that. We are here to hold the line and say no, the rule of law has to be adhered to, and we can’t have rogue prosecutors using our courts for political vendettas. And that’s exactly what they’re doing to Donald Trump,” he added.

Correct again, as even light-weight “Republican” Mitt Romney has attested to:

“I’ve done events in 123 cities in 29 states in the last six and a half months. Everywhere I go, Neil — east, west, north, south — it’s the same. There’s an energy out there because people are fed up with this and they see that the Democrats and the far left have pushed this pendulum too far,” Johnson continued.

“It’s going to begin to swing back and we have to do our job here in Congress to assist with that, to hold these people accountable and to ensure that the law is being adhered to. That’s the effort that you’ll see play out here in the coming weeks,” he concluded.

As previously reported, Democrats have weaponized virtually the entire government in their relentless quest to oust former President Trump.

All this comes as the House is preparing to launch an “aggressive” investigation into the Democrats’ clear-cut weaponization of the government, especially the Department of Justice.

“When you see this weaponization of government against political opponents, starting at the top with Joe Biden, allowing his agencies to go after political opponents, encouraging Democrat DAs, conflicted judges, we’ve heard all the stories, the reports,” House Majority Leader Steve Scalise said in a Tuesday statement.

“A judge that donated to the campaign of Joe Biden – talk about a conflict of interest, whose own daughter was making millions of dollars off of the trial. And yet, here we are. This cannot be the new norm for the United States of America. And as Donald Trump said, you know, he’s going to fight this thing, not only for himself but for every American who could be the next person that they go after,” he added.

Vivek Saxena


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