Jesse Kelly poses question for those ‘outraged’ over Trump verdict: ‘Where are the Democrat arrests?’

Conservative commentator Jesse Kelly wants to know why Democrats are not being arrested.

The radio show host and U.S. Marine combat veteran demanded to know, “Where are the Democrat arrests?” in a social media post on Wednesday as he continued to react to the historic conviction of former President Donald Trump.

“Still not one Democrat has been arrested,” he wrote on X. “We’re ‘outraged.’ But the communists are not dissuaded by our outrage. The communist is only dissuaded by fear and pain.”

This week, Kelly told listeners that Trump’s guilty verdict should not have been a shock to conservatives.

Playing a clip of Trump discussing how he did not pursue failed Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton with prosecution and conviction but hoped to bring the country together, Kelly lamented that “No, we didn’t come together” after Trump’s decision.

“We’re not going to come together,” either, he added, vowing, “We are gonna fight.”

“We’re in a fight now. Thankfully, for the most part, it’s a nonviolent fight,” he said. “Hopefully, the fight gets resolved in a nonviolent way.”

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Kelly called out the “right-wing mentality” that thinks “Let’s let bygones be bygones.”

“The communist takes power and he figures out how to destroy his enemies. Setting aside whatever you think about any of this, there’s only one side that’s going to win. If that’s how we’re going to play, these guys intend to use their power to utterly annihilate their political enemies and these guys think that’s really yucky,” he continued.

“So they want to just ‘let’s not do that because it would be mean.'” Kelly said sarcastically.

“Well, I don’t care which side you think are good guys or bad guys. We don’t do nursery rhyme conservatism here,” he said, talking about the “real world” where those intent on destroying their enemies “are going to win.”

He argued that “we give them no disincentive to stop.” and that they “don’t care that you’re mad and I’m mad.”

“Either these people begin getting arrested and sent to prison or they will never stop,” he said, emphasizing again that Clinton should have been jailed  “and Dr Fauci should join her in that same cage.”

“Judge Marchand and all the rest of them should be locked up and sent to prison. If that’s not going to happen, then we’re going to lose and nothing’s going to change,” Kelly argued.

“Pointing out evil, expressing disapproval, pointing out their hypocrisy does nothing to stop to dissuade an evil person from his evil. Nothing,” he warned. “We must grow some teeth or we’ve lost.”

Social media users agreed with Kelly on the need for the right to grow a backbone. But many lamented that it seemed unlikely.

Frieda Powers


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