Fox’s Tarlov says she’s devoted to ‘deprogramming’ Trump supporters

Broaching a suggested cult of personality around the former president, a zealous take on deprogramming from a co-host of “The Five” landed a bite without teeth.

(Video: Fox News)

Time and again, the need to defend the political team despite defying logical conclusions has shown leftists enduring all sorts of mental gymnastics. Friday was no different for Fox News co-host Jessica Tarlov when she eagerly reacted to the question of whether or not supporters of former President Donald Trump needed to be “deprogrammed.”

“That’s why I come to work every day,” she replied with a smile and a twinkle in her eye after co-host Jeanine Pirro had said, “Let me ask you this. You know a lot of Trump supporters. Do we need to be deprogrammed? Be careful.”

The question had come amid a discussion on the maligning of the “dangerous MAGA cult” and a recent interview where Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson had expressed his regrets about publicly endorsing now-President Joe Biden during his 2020 election bid.

As it happened, Tarlov’s attempts to support her position left her immediately ceding as she said, “It is correct that conservatives are much more tolerant of liberals and spending time with them than liberals are of conservatives. That shows up, especially in the dating data — that a liberal would never consider going out with a conservative in the Trump era.”

Turning to Johnson’s admission, she added, “I think The Rock, yes, he’s promoting stuff, but did get a lesson in — you can alienate people when you put a perspective out there like that. He’s a smart businessman. We don’t know how he’s voting. He could very well vote for Joe Biden again. He’s just not going to talk about it. And I thought that was an interesting undercurrent.”

Fox News host Will Cain had confronted the entertainer directly and asked, “Are you happy that you made that endorsement in 2020? Are you happy with the state of America?”

In response, Johnson said, “Am I happy with the state of America right now? Well, that answer’s no. Do I believe we are going to get better? I believe in that, I’m an optimistic guy and I believe we can get better.”

Tarlov continued to do her part to carry water for Biden’s administration as she contended the latest jobs report “was a monster,” prompting snark from co-host Greg Gutfeld, “Wait three months.”

Even she acknowledged that reports had repeatedly been adjusted down while she attempted to argue the economy was performing contrary to what average Americans were feeling every day.

“And even taking away what we got back from COVID, he’s adding jobs at a faster clip than Trump. To go up to 303,000 when it was supposed to be 214 – ” she said.

“It is a jump ball. If this was the worst economy in the world, which is what you would say about it, there is no way that we would be even close to this,” she went on to add as though voters weren’t constantly bombarded with spin from corporate media talking heads. “It would be a runaway for the person on top of the Republican ticket. And it’s not, because people know wage growth is up. It’s going past the rate of inflation. Unemployment, 3.8%, 26 straight months. We haven’t seen that since the 1960s. You have to give some level of credit when credit is due.”

Proving she wasn’t alone in foregoing results for politics, like-minded social media users considered her commentary an argumentative win while others recognized the “L” she posted.

Kevin Haggerty


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