Over 400 actors, activists, politicians and civil rights leaders demand racial equity bills from Biden

A collection of more than 400 politicians, actors, activists, and civil rights leaders are demanding action from President Joe Biden on their equity agenda items, including reparations.

In hoping that the squeaky wheel gets the most oil, the signers have distributed an open letter to the media to pressure the geriatric career politician into working with some of the most extreme left members of Congress and using executive actions to advance bills on “racial equity and reparative justice” in an election year.

Led by UCLA academic Marcus Anthony Hunter who originated the slogan Black Lives Matter which has transformed the nation over the last decade – and not in a good way – the signatories urge Biden to accommodate the legislation pushed by ethically challenged BLM bomb-thrower Rep. Cori Bush (D-Mo.) and fellow radicals, Reps. Barbara Lee (D-Calif.) and Jamaal Bowman (D-N.Y.) and that “our democracy” depends on it.

Hunter, who goes by the handle DrBlackness on social media, is the author of a recently published book making the case for racial reparations, or stealing money from white people who have never been slaveholders to give to blacks who were never in chains.

“We write with urgency and unity, uplifting the Joint Congressional and Organizational Open Letters you received on President’s Day, February 19, 2024. Representatives Barbara Lee, Shelia Jackson Lee, Cori Bush, and Jamaal Bowman, alongside advocates representing 175+ organizations, remain ready and willing to work with your administration to advance the comprehensive equity framework outlined in the Open Letters. As we face another election year, this conversation regarding urgent executive action on reparations is not just about policy—it is about the people of the United States of America, the fate of our democracy, national unity, and national security,” the letter reads.

“We call upon you to meet with the Congressional members and advocates as soon as possible to tackle and attend to the unfinished work of advancing comprehensive equity through executive orders and actions. The state of our Union depends upon it,” according to the letter.

Bush has been hustling legislation calling for the payment of $14 trillion in reparations, a sum that is nearly twelve times the amount of the recently passed $1.2 trillion spending bill.

Among those who have joined the call for Biden to get crackin’ are Derrick Johnson, president of the once-esteemed NAACP, attorney Ben Crump who made huge bank off the death of George Floyd, longtime racial grievance grifter the Rev. Al Sharpton, talk show host Tavis Smiley, music exec and activist Willie “Prophet” Stiggers, and actress Erika Alexander.

“Each of the pieces of legislation laid out would be a step towards repairing the harms of America’s original sin and centuries of discrimination, redlining and institutionalized oppression,” Bowman told ABC News. “We must be honest with ourselves and tell the truth about our history and how it impacts our communities today, so that together we can build a better future.”

“We’re going to keep pushing the Biden administration to take urgent action on restorative justice and reparations for our communities. As we enter yet another crucial election year, we risk turning back the clock even further on our progress toward truth and racial healing,” Rep. Lee told ABC News.

“President Biden is actively delivering for black Americans by executing his Day One commitment to advance racial equity and support for underserved communities,” White House spokesperson Rodericka Applewhaite told the outlet in a statement.

Chris Donaldson


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