‘Free to kill’: Trump’s likely immigration ‘architect’ rips Biden over ‘next wave of criminal migrants’

Former President Donald Trump’s senior advisor, Stephen Miller, blasted President Joe Biden on Monday for granting the alleged killer of Laken Riley “parole” rather than jailing, then deporting him.

“An illegal alien from Venezuela broke into our country — a federal crime punishable by jail and mandating detention and removal,” Miller wrote Monday morning on X. “He was apprehended by Border Patrol.”

“But Biden did not jail him,” he continued. “Biden did not detain him. Biden did not deport him.”

“Biden approved him for a form of amnesty known as ‘parole,'” Miller explained. “He was judged by Biden to be a great asset to the United States. So Biden RELEASED this illegal and SET HIM FREE into America with a formal grant of immunity from deportation.”

“What happened next,” he wrote, “we know well.”

As BizPac Review has reported, the 22-year-old Georgia nursing student was brutally murdered while out for a jog. When the illegal migrant was accused of the savage crime, outrage spread like wildfire.

Outrage made worse when Biden carelessly called her “Lincoln” when forced by Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.) to “say her name.”

“This illegal criminal trespasser, granted freedom by Joe Biden, has been arrested and charged for savagely beating and monstrously killing Laken Riley,” Miller wrote on X. “One of the most shocking and horrific crimes in memory.”

“Confronted with this grisly murder,” he fumed, “Joe Biden apologized TO THE ILLEGAL ALIEN CHARGED WITH MURDERING LAKEN. He apologized and expressed regret for not showing sufficient deference and respect to the accused alien murderer.”

“And, Biden added, we should all be grateful to the criminal illegal alien trespassers who are the true source of American greatness,” he recalled.

“Words like grotesque and sinister and revolting don’t even begin to describe the depravity and inhumanity of Biden’s remarks and deeds,” Miller wrote. “But, in any healthy society, they would be permanently disqualifying for voters.

“As would the fact that, even as I type this and you read this, Biden is releasing the next wave of criminal migrants into the USA — free to travel, free to menace and yes, free to kill.”

It was a blistering post from the man Fox News correspondent Bill Melugin called the “likely architect of Trump’s immigration policy in a potential second term.”

But the true picture may be even more infuriating than Miller made it out to be.

For what it’s worth, replied the popular Amuse account, “The moment he was paroled he was no longer ‘undocumented’ as CBP gave him documentation.

“He then could get an ID from Georgia, buy a gun, and get a job.”

Melissa Fine


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