Frustrated CNN anchor reins in overzealous guests: ‘Paul, you’re like fat shaming the former president’

CNN’s Brianna Keilar scolded her guests this Friday for trash-talking both former President Donald Trump and current President Joe Biden.

The madly entertaining discussion began with longtime Democrat operative Paul Begala slamming Trump for delivering a post-verdict “rant” Friday complaining about his conviction.

“He hurts himself when he goes on these hysterical rants,” Begala began. “Yes, he helps himself with his base, but his base is not the majority of the country. And there will be some MAGA people who feel some pity.”

“Look, I did. In a way, I do. I mean, he’s a obese, flatulent old man with bad makeup and weird hair who had to sit in a courtroom and listen to a porn star testify about how bad he is in bed,” he added.



Begala continued by claiming that Trump allegedly only cares about himself and that President Joe Biden should stress this in his campaign.

“Biden has an opportunity here not to push on the criminality, but to push on what voters care about, right?” he said. “Put up Mr. Trump on metaphorical trial for wanting to cut Medicare and Social Security so he can cut his own taxes, put him on trial for eliminating Roe versus Wade, put him on trial for things that affect my life and yours, not just his.”

Asked to respond, Trump campaign press secretary Hogan Gidley acknowledged that all of the issues cited by Begala are important but made the case that the weaponization of the Justice Department by the Biden administration is equally important to the American people.

“A lot of people I’ve spoken with are angry that they see a weaponized judicial system going after not just a former president, but average Americans for standing up for life,” he said.

“For example, if you go to a school board meeting and stand up for the curriculum of your children, you go to jail. This is the type of issue that will mobilize a lot of voters out there, regardless of political party,” he added.


Gidley continued by accusing the president of being focused on all the wrong issues.

“I keep hearing the left saying Joe Biden should focus on the issues and he probably will,” he said. ” The problem is he’s focused on the wrong ones. Of course, he’s going to talk about things like J6 and abortion and threats to democracy. People care about that.”

“But it’s nowhere near the failed policies of his border issues where people are pouring across by the tens of millions, where you can’t pay for gas or for groceries, where we have wars breaking out all over the world, crime spiking in our major cities,” he added.

Speaking next, Keilar made it clear she wasn’t feeling either Begala or Gidley.

Hogan, I just, like, let’s, can we fact check you on these border numbers? And Paul, you’re like fat shaming the former president,” she said.


Begala immediately pushed back by saying he wasn’t making fun of the former president but pitying him.

“No, I’m feeling sorry for him,” he said. “He does not look good. He does not look healthy, and I’m worried about him.”

“He’s sitting in a courtroom for weeks and weeks here,” Keilar pushed back.

“And listening to a porn star testify under oath about how not so great a lover he is. That’s sad. I feel sorry for the guy. My heart goes out to him,” Begala responded.

Exasperated beyond repair, Keilar then burst out, “Can we just have a decent conversation!?”

On CNN? Never that!

Gidley responded by saying he welcomes a discussion about Trump’s health AND Biden’s health.

“That’s the last thing …,” Keilar began responding before being cut off by him.

“Hey, that is an issue for voters,” he interjected. “You may not want to admit it.”

“I know it’s an issue for voters,” Keilar replied.

Co-host Boris Sanchez then wrapped up the conversation, saying, “It’s been a conversation.”

Strangely enough, Begala replied, “Somebody needs a hug.”

“I need a hug right now,” Keilar promptly responded.


Vivek Saxena


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