Fuhgeddaboudit! ‘Sopranos’ actor goes hands-on with climate crazy who interrupted his Broadway play

Actor Michael Imperioli went full “Sopranos” in the middle of a Broadway play he was starring in after a climate activist interrupted his performance.

Imperioli, who famously played Christopher Moltisante in the mafia masterpiece, “The Sopranos,” is gracing the Great White Way for a limited, 16-week run in Henrik Ibsen’s play, Enemy of the People, which is set, for this engagement, in the round, meaning audience members are on all sides of the stage.

In the middle of Imperioli’s performance as “Mayor Stockmann,” a man who identified himself as a member of “Extinction Rebellion,” a radical global group of climate crazies who get off on annoying Big Apple audiences, descended like Gloria Swanson the steps to the stage explaining that he was a “theater artist” and was sorry to interrupt “this amazing performance.”


Imperioli, without breaking character, yelled back, “I’m sorry, you need to leave! You’re interrupting —”

“Get him out!” shouted someone else.

And as the disruptive diva kept caterwauling about “poisoned water,” Imperioli jumped off the stage, flanked by fellow cast members, and physically forced the activist back up the stairs and out of the theater.

Of course, crazy runs in packs, and two more activists tried to steal the spotlight.

They, too, were quickly ejected.

Meanwhile, on X, Extinction Rebellion played the role they were born for: The Victim.

“Activists are facing harsh sentences for nonviolent protest,” they whined. “Joanna Smith and Tim Martin protested at the National Gallery of Art to highlight the climate crisis. They face up to ten years in prison and fines of $500,000.”

When the smoke cleared, Imperioli, who is himself a raging liberal, followed up his forceful performance with a wimpy knuckle-bump to the Extinction “crew.”

“Tonight was wild….” he wrote on Instagram. “No hard feelings Extinction Rebellion crew.

“Michael is on your side but Mayor Stockmann is not,” he stated. “Much love.”


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Back on X, the “crew” is being crucified for their antics.

“You joyless clowns belong behind bars,” one user told Extinction Rebellion. “It’s not like you’ll be any less happy.”


Melissa Fine


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