George Soros drops $80M on pre-election censorship scheme to ‘silence’ Americans: report

As pre-election censorship schemes have begun to rollout, a new report detailed the whopping figure already funneled toward the cause courtesy of George Soros.

The infamous dark money financier and all-around “spooky dude” has routinely been shown in some form or another to be connected to globalist interests that would see the unmaking of the traditional American way of life.

Now, as detailed by Media Research Center Associate Editor Joseph Vazquez, the billionaire-funded Free Press “is looking to incorporate global pressure to push Big Tech platforms to juice their censorship operations before the 2024 U.S. presidential election.”

The same week the U.S. Department of Justice was convening its Election Threats Task Force, Vazquez had highlighted a press release from the organization that in turn pointed to an April 9 letter co-signed by more than 200 groups directed at executives that included CEOs of Google, Instagram, Meta, Tiktok, YouTube, X and Rumble.

Among the signatories, dozens were said to have benefited from a combined infusion of over $80 billion courtesy of the financier and MRC detailed, “at least 45 of the signatories have had their coffers packed with Soros cash to the tune of a whopping $80,757,329 between 2016 and 2022 alone.”

Decrying the “outsized impact on online discourse” that individual users could have with fear-mongering callouts to the “rise of extremism and violent attempts to overthrow democratic governments,” the letter referenced the “Big Lie” as it demanded a return to previously exposed “election-integrity policies” that would allow Big Tech to “enforce rules against election lies and hate in political advertising.”

Of the recipients of the Soros-funding, Global Witness was said to have raked in the most with $20,338,270 of the more than $80 million distributed over the six-year span that began the year after Free Press had lauded their influence in getting the FCC under President Barack Obama to adopt “Net Neutrality” rules.

At over $3 million from 2017 to 2022, the Institute for Strategic Dialogue raised as much concern as the aforementioned climate-focused group after a House Judiciary Committee investigation uncovered their co-authoring of a blacklist with the Global Disinformation Index, also Soros-funded, that marked conservative and faith-based groups as “hate groups” before providing that list to financial institutions and law enforcement.

With the co-signatories stated ends in mind, Vazquez wrote, “However, it appears that its true design is to pressure Big Tech companies to silence speech the left despises as 60 countries across the globe gear up for their elections in 2024.”

“But even more disturbing was the letter’s implication that its primary target is interfering in the 2024 U.S. election. This development is directly in line with Soros’ brand, who has dedicated millions of his ungodly fortune to groups looking to interfere in elections by stifling online speech,” added the associate editor.

Likewise, MRC Free Speech America vice president Dan Schneider expressed to Fox News Digital, “One of the wealthiest men in the world is using his vast wealth and power to silence regular Americans ahead of the 2024 election. At a time when defending free speech is key, leftists are trying their best to shut down the voices of half of America, especially those who disagree with the radical agenda promoted by Biden, Soros and most Big Tech executives.”

The implication was made even worse as Vazquez indicated the “push for speech controls is especially disturbing” due to Free Press co-founder Robert W. McChesney’s comment in 2000, “Our job is to make media reform part of our broader struggle for democracy, social justice, and, dare we say it, socialism.”

“Americans beware,” concluded Vazquez. “The Soros network is coming after your free speech just in time for the U.S. elections — again.”

Kevin Haggerty


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