Gingrich urges Americans to pray for Trump as Dems become more desperate: ‘They’re dangerous’

Former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich joined Sean Hannity to issue a dire warning about the Democrat Party.

It’s no secret that the left wants former President Donald Trump out of the presidential race, and Democrats are becoming more desperate as public opinion concerning the incumbent president trends ever downward.

But that desperation could make them “dangerous,” says Gingrich who detailed his concerns on Fox News’ ‘Hannity’ Wednesday evening.

“Did you see how minuscule [Biden’s] crowd was in Philly today?” Hannity asked the former speaker. “It’s like nobody wants to show up.”

“You think the average American is stupid? I mean you look at this doddering guy, who clearly is only half the time in charge of what he’s doing,” Gingrich replied. “You look at his vice president who may be cognitively fine, but she’s just goofy, and you say to yourself ‘What is it I’m supposed to get excited by?'”

“And then you look at ‘Bidenflation’ which every American experiences every day, every time you go to the grocery store. Every American,” he emphasized, cutting to the root of what so many people are struggling with despite the White House’s attempts to whitewash the economy. “I don’t care how many ads the Biden team runs, they’re trying to convince the rest of us that things aren’t as bad as we know they are because we’re feeling them in our pocketbooks.”

He pointed out that all of this is making Democrats desperate.

“If you’re a Democrat and you have to go to your base this hard, you’re really on the edge of collapse,” Gingrich said. “A comparable would be if a Republican had to shore up West Virginia. And I think what you’re gonna see in the next few months – and it really worries me, frankly – you’re gonna see a desperation when they come to realize nothing they’re doing is going to work and they’re confronted with the likelihood that Trump’s not just gonna win, he’s gonna win big. He’s gonna take in the Senate and the House.”

“I think all of us ought to keep Donald Trump in our prayers because I think these people are desperate, and I think they’re dangerous,” he concluded.

“I agree,” stated a solemn Hannity.

Sierra Marlee


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