‘I bet you have a big man crush!’ Lara Trump torches Andrew Weissmann for ‘fawning’ over Judge Merchan

MSNBC legal analyst Andrew Weissmann was torched by RNC co-chair Lara Trump and the co-hosts of Fox & Friends for declaring his “man crush” on Judge Juan Merchan who is overseeing the kangaroo court against former President Trump in New York.

Weissmann became infamous as the failed chief investigator for the Mueller report that sought to disparage Trump.

Lara Trump joined the segment Thursday as a second day of deliberation by the Manhattan jury was set to commence. According to Weissmann, the jury is as infatuated with Merchan as much as he is. It remains to be seen if his assessment is correct or full of leftist fantasy.

“I have, like, a man crush on him. He is such a great judge that it’s hard to see that the jurors wouldn’t have the same impression,” he said projecting his fawning idol-worship of an unethical judge.

(Video Credit: Fox News)

“This guy wakes up weaponized to go after Donald Trump, that’s why he likes this judge, this judge who has given to left-wing causes and Joe Biden’s campaign specifically,” co-host Brian Kilmeade commented referring to Weissmann’s obsession with the judge and his unbridled hatred of the former president.

Co-host Lawrence Jones remarked that if Trump is convicted it will almost certainly be overturned. New York Democrats have cooked up 34 charges against the former president for allegedly falsifying business records. Their whole case revolved around charges that are past the statute of limitations and the testimony of serial liar Michael Cohen and porn-star Stormy Daniels. That doesn’t take into account the obvious bias of Merchan who has allowed the prosecution to do as it pleases while restricting the defense, including witnesses called by them.

“They’re fawning over this judge, and maybe it goes to the point of it was never about a legitimate case, it was about what they could weaponize during a political campaign,” Jones asserted.

Rep. Elise Stefanik (R-NY) is calling for an investigation into Merchan getting the nod to oversee three Trump-related cases despite state laws requiring judges to be randomly assigned. His being assigned to the cases goes far beyond mere coincidence and is highly suspect.

Lara Trump slammed the leftist judge for brazen political bias. She noted that Merchan has repeatedly ruled against her father-in-law and went on to blast the gag orders issued that were clearly meant to silence the former president and prevent him from defending himself against his attackers. She called the gag orders “unconstitutional.”

“This is not a surprise at all. This guy is a hero to the left because you have to take a look at all the ways he has ruled against Donald Trump and his defense,” Lara Trump contended.

The Republican National Committee co-chair stated that if Trump is convicted, his campaign team will make “lemons into lemonade.” She also pointed out that Trump might have to do virtual campaigning if he finds himself confined to his home after sentencing while it is appealed. There is also the possibility that Merchan may go off the deep end and put Trump in Riker’s.

“If you’re a person who wants Joe Biden to be assisted by this case and you dislike Donald Trump, I bet you have a big man crush on Juan Merchan,” Lara Trump bluntly concluded.


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