Girl says she warned teacher about transgender bully before friend was pummeled, was told ‘don’t worry’

A young Pennsylvania school girl is being praised for speaking out about a transgender bully who’d assaulted her schoolmate last week.

The unnamed Pennbrook Middle School girl appeared at a school board hearing Thursday, a day after the assault, and told her side of the story.

According to her, she and other students tried for days to warn school officials about the “transgender girl” bully, Mel, and his hit list, but nobody listened, including their guidance counselor.


“So Wednesday morning I went to the guidance counselor and told her, since I was second on the hit list, knowing that there something was going to happen. Because there was a girl he was targeting every day at lunch,” the girl began.

“And they would go to the counselor and tell them everyday that this was going to happen. And Wednesday I went with two others, and each of us filled out a whole paper full of what’s going to happen and why it’s going to happen,” she added.

But they did nothing again, and then later that morning the young, unnamed girl received a horrifying warning.

“And then I went to class, and I was told ‘watch your back — he is going to come for you and this other girl at lunch,'” she recalled.

But when the girl informed her teacher about the threat, the teacher shrugged it off, telling her to not worry about it.

Yet shortly thereafter, Mel assaulted the girl’s schoolmate with a Stanley cup.

“I was in lunch, and all of a sudden I hear all this screaming and everybody running,” the girl recalled. “And I see Mel running in after somebody, and everybody’s screaming and running. But the girl who got attacked didn’t see it because she was faced backward.”

“And all of a sudden you hear these terrible loud bangs with the Stanley bouncing off her head, and then you see Mel grabbing her hair and hitting her against the table and just repeatedly hitting her with the Stanley. There was blood going everywhere. I was the table right behind her, and all I see is blood everywhere,” she added.

Afterward, she and her peers were forced to watch as staff cleaned up the blood.

“It was 28 minutes, and we had to sit in there and watch them clean up her blood off those tables and ground,” the girl recalled. “And we had to watch them take her out with blood dripping down her face, and I will never forget that.”

Concluding her remarkable speech, the girl slammed her school’s officials for not having prevented this easily preventable situation.

“Laying in bed last night, I just kept repeating in my head, we shouldn’t have had to sit there and just watch them clean up her blood with the mop. Watch her repeatedly yelling that I’m going to murder you and hitting her with the Stanley,” she said.

“It was five hours from when I told you it was going to happen and it happened. It was five whole hours. I don’t get how you couldn’t have stopped that, and how [my teacher] said don’t worry, it’s not going to happen, we have her under control. But clearly you didn’t,” she added.

Parents are also outraged over what happened.

“When we get an email that states ‘student safety is always of the utmost importance to the district,’ it really has become rhetoric that we don’t believe or trust,” parent Susan Dziedzic said at Thursday’s hearing, according to The Reporter (Lansdale).

“I could spend hours giving you examples of the violence that is happening readily,” she added.

Especially violence committed by transgender students.

As for the 12-year-old victim of Wednesday’s assault, she was reportedly hospitalized and received staples to close lacerations on her head. The 13-year-old perp, Mel, meanwhile is facing juvenile charges of aggravated assault and more.

Superintendent Todd Bauer has for his part vowed to do better in the future.

“This should not have happened, period,” he said at Thursday’s hearing. “As an educator, as your superintendent and as a father, I am appalled by what happened. We are currently pursuing the details leading up to this incident and why it occurred.”

“We are also collaborating with our local law enforcement and their investigation as we work to ensure that something like this cannot happen again in our schools. Such behavior has no place in our schools. You expect better, we expect better and certainly I do as well,” he added.

Vivek Saxena


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