House Dem warns that electing Trump equates to ‘a win for Netanyahu’

Vermont Rep. Becca Balint — a Democrat — has a confusing take when it comes to the attack on a sovereign nation by foreign aggressors.

As the first Jewish member of the House of Representatives to call for a ceasefire between Israel and the Iranian-backed terrorists who wish death upon the Jewish people, Balint was against sending Israel aid.

The U.S., she told CNN’s Victor Blackwell, should “send a message” to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

“[T]his vote is really about sending a message that we understand that if we continue to send offensive weapons to this extremist government, to Netanyahu, it’s essentially sending a green light for an invasion of Rafah and to continue this devastating, devastating war in Gaza,” Balint said. “And I believe a ‘no’ vote is indicative of where most Americans are right now.”

“This is a moment for members of Congress who support a safe and secure Israel to send a message that giving Netanyahu more offensive weapons is not a path for peace and security for Israelis and Palestinians,” she wrote on X ahead of the Saturday vote.

Only President Biden can protect the Israeli people, Balint told Blackwell.

“A win for Donald Trump is a win for Netanyahu, period. No question,” she said. “If you want to see a safe and secure Israel and a safe and secure Palestine, Joe Biden is the president that will be working tirelessly to bring about two-state solution as well as peace and security in the entire region.”

“I can, I will say it again:” she repeated, “A vote for Donald Trump, or a vote that is sitting out, you know, this election, and not voting for president Biden, is a win for Benjamin Netanyahu.”

Balint has a very different view when the ones in need of a “path for peace and security” are the Ukrainian people.

If Russian President Vladimir Putin had rolled into Israel instead of savage, Jew-hating Hamas terrorists, it’s safe to say Balint would be throwing cash at Netanyahu.

In an astounding display of utter hypocrisy, the post immediately following her criticism of Netanyahu calls on America to show its “robust support” for “democratic ally,” Ukraine.

“It’s long past time the US showed robust support for our democratic ally, Ukraine,” Balint wrote on X. “Sustaining Ukraine’s effort to maintain its independence is so critical to the health of our global democracy. Today I’m proud to vote to send over $60 billion to support the fight to defeat Putin.”


Melissa Fine


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