Giuliani lashes out at Brian Kilmeade, Fox News over Bannon bashing: ‘They behave like Democrats’

Former New York City mayor and Trump attorney Rudy Giuliani lashed out at Fox News and Brian Kilmeade days after the shocking ouster of star host Tucker Carlson from his popular primetime show, suggesting that the network is at “all-out war” with conservatives who speak out about putting America first after the host took a shot at Steve Bannon this week.

“America’s mayor” joined Newsmax’s Eric Bolling on Thursday’s edition of “The Balance” where the topic of discussion was the removal of Carlson from the airwaves as well as the future of Fox News which some have suggested has gone “woke,” when Kilmeade’s remarks about the MAGA stalwart and former White House advisor to President Donald J. Trump came up.

During an appearance on WABC radio, Kilmeade expressed dismay that Bannon would have the audacity to criticize his employer. “You know, for Steve Bannon to come out and criticize Fox, really? This guy got, I guess, fired from the Trump administration, and then I hooked up with another writer and just ripped Trump from limb to limb? Then he gets himself in legal trouble and Trump pardons him, and now he’s a Trump loyalist,” he said.

(Video: YouTube/Newsmax TV)

“I mean, are they making it obvious that these, this group, this Fox News group is just completely against the America First, the MAGA crowd?” Bolling asked.

“Yeah, it sounded to me like it’s all-out war that they’re engaging in and that the desire to defeat him is gonna be… I mean, they behave like Democrats,” Giuliani responded. “They’re gonna do the Democrat personal attack, destroy people’s reputation… I actually can’t tell you what motivates them to that degree.”

Giuliani recalled his “long history with Fox” and how he helped get them on television in New York back when conservative voices were largely being shut out of the media as Bolling teed up a clip of Kilmeade’s remarks about Bannon.

“That’s a political attack…Brian is better than that,” he said. “I don’t know who put him up to doing that, but that’s like a cheap political attack, not the analysis of a journalist.”

“Brian likes to think of himself as a journalist and he should try to act like one,” Giuliani concluded.

Kilmeade is one of the names reported to be vying to replace Carlson and was tapped as the first to fill the 8:00 p.m. timeslot on Tuesday, the first night after the stunning news that Fox had pulled the plug on its most popular host.

Tucker’s ouster comes after the departure of Dan Bongino, another popular Fox News host who is out after being unable to reach terms on an extension with the network, depriving viewers of two of the most outspoken voices against the abuses of the Biden regime and its ongoing assault on the freedoms that Americans have long taken for granted.

Whatever direction Fox takes going forward, which by early indications appears to be veering toward the squishy center, the perception already exists that the network has become hostile to MAGA conservatives who are critical of the reigning GOP establishment that it serves.

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