GOP, Independent NY voters urged to register as Dems to defeat ‘antisemitism’ in ‘Squad’ member’s district

In an effort to oust Rep. Jamaal Bowman (R-NY) from Congress, Republican and independent voters in his district are being urged to change their party affiliation to Democrat so that they can vote in the upcoming primary.

The volatile lawmaker’s membership in “The Squad” is being used to motivate voters in Westchester County to cast the antisemites out of office and, while Bowman isn’t as much of a virulent Jew-hater as his fellow left-wing Dems, he has to go, according to the group Westchester Unites.

“Community and family transcend politics,” the group says in a mailer sent to local voters, reported Fox News Digital which obtained a copy. “Especially when antisemitism is on the ballot.”

Westchester Unites, which advocates for “community over party,” provides instructions on how voters can change their party registration by the February 14 deadline, allowing them an opportunity to give Bowman a belated Valentine’s Day card in the form of a pink slip in the June 25 Democrat primary.

“To combat this hate, we must make our voices heard,” the mailer reads. “But you can only do so if you are enrolled Democratic by February 14,”

The “Squad” member is opposed by pro-Israel candidate George Latimer who is currently a Westchester County executive and is running on a pro-Israel platform. This comes at a time when hatred has been stoked against Jews since Israel launched its operation to clean Hamas terrorists out of Gaza after the October 7, 2023 sneak attack in which over a thousand of its citizens were massacred by the Islamist savages.

“Anti-semitism is on the ballot and we need a member of Congress who will stand up for our Jewish community,” the group also said in a mailer, according to the New York Post, and is also sending text messages targeting Jewish voters in the hotly contested district.

“Send a message that our community stands together,” the group urges.

Neither Bowman nor Latimer are named in the mailer.

Latimer, a 35-year veteran of New York politics presented himself as a candidate “who will listen to every voice, not just those who agree with him, & who will deliver on the issues that matter” if voters send him to Washington, D.C.

While not openly accusing the Jewish state of “genocide” in Gaza like his congressional cohorts, Bowman has called for a ceasefire and was among the handful of far-left Democrat lawmakers who refused to vote in favor of a House resolution that affirmed U.S. support for Israel last summer.

He was also among the Democrats who boycotted a joint address to Congress by Israeli President Isaac Herzog.

Most vocal among the cadre of smack-talking leftists of “The Squad” have been Reps. Rashida Tlaib (D-Mich.) and Ilhan Omar (D-Minn.) who have drawn heavy fire for their anti-Israel remarks and advocacy for a ceasefire before the terrorists are wiped out. But Bowman has chosen to affiliate himself with them and, as a result, could suffer the consequences.

“Why change your enrollment?” a text message by the group asks, according to Fox News Digital. “Because this district is overwhelmingly Democratic, which means the next Member of Congress will essentially be determined in the Democratic primary.”

“George Latimer held a fundraiser hosted by a Trump mega-donor and has welcomed Republican-funded Super PACs to spend in this race, so it’s no surprise supporters are asking Republicans to vote in a Democratic primary,” Bowman campaign spokesperson Bill Neidhardt told the New York Post. “George Latimer has abandoned the Democratic Party and voters across the district are deeply disappointed.”

Chris Donaldson


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