Trump impersonator absolutely NAILS it for Groundhog’s Day: ‘FOUR MORE YEARS’

Laying witness to “the greatest shadows in the history of the world” a Groundhog Day Trump impersonation made a prediction for the general election and more.

While many eyes turned to Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania to learn prognosticator Phil’s insight on the end of winter, Captain Deplorable rolled out his own considerably coiffed groundhog to look ahead to November. As one rodent offered a sunny outlook on spring, so too did Shawn Farash’s groundhog foresee an end to a different kind of winter in Washington, D.C.

“Happy Groundhog Day,” began the celebrated impersonator who had once presented his bit before former President Donald Trump himself. ” We’re here with the most highly respected and incredible groundhog in the history of the world and he saw his shadow — it was a beautiful shadow and that means four more years of Trump.”

Of course, the golden-haired groundhog wasn’t alone in spying shadows and Farash checked off a list of others, including the president himself, as he continued his Trump impersonation.

“You know, I saw my shadow too this morning and it was the greatest shadow in the history of the world.”

“Crooked Joe saw his shadow and ran away from it,” added the conservative comedian as he called out President Joe Biden before turning to barbs on the right side of the political aisle. “Nikki Haley couldn’t see her shadow because she was too busy in an Escalade — you know what I’m talking about. And Chris Christie saw his shadow, but, eh, NASA called it a solar eclipse.”

Before ending the short video, Farash reiterated, “But my shadow and this groundhog’s shadow are the greatest shadows in the history of the world. Four more years of Trump are on the way. Four more years to make America great again, believe me.”

In August, the impersonator had shared a video of himself standing alongside the president with the caption “IT FINALLY HAPPENED! ‘TRUMP’ MEETS TRUMP!” as he told the GOP leader, “We are going to help you win in a landslide worse than Chris Christie after a night of Taco Bell.”

@captaindeplorable IT FINALLY HAPPENED! “TRUMP” MEETS TRUMP! #Trump #MAGA #Voice #Funny #Trump2024 #USA #AmericaFirst #CaptainDeplorable #Patriots ♬ original sound – Captain Deplorable

The uproarious response from supporters at that event was echoed on social media as users chimed in to celebrate Farash for adding some humor to the political landscape with one person even asking, “Is it okay if I like this one better than the real guy?” earning the response, “I’ll allow it!”

Along with cheers for the comedy, with quite a few people thanking Farash for a laugh and for making their day, others had noted they hadn’t seen the impersonator posting for a while to which he explained having to “go dark for awhile,” but that “you can expect to see a lot more! BELIEVE ME.”

Kevin Haggerty


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