GOP lawmaker files articles of impeachment against Biden over Israel betrayal

A Republican lawmaker is taking action after President Joe Biden betrayed Israel by withholding weapons shipments, by filing articles of impeachment against him.

The geriatric Democrat drew GOP outrage over his transparent attempt to placate angry Muslims in Michigan by stabbing the longtime ally in the back at a key juncture in the Jewish country’s war on the Hamas terrorist organization.

Rep. Cory Mills (R-FL) followed through on his promise and formally got the ball rolling on impeaching Biden which he said was his “constitutional duty” after the Democrats previously impeached then-President Donald J. Trump over similar changes involving Ukraine.

“Joe Biden is pressuring Israel, our biggest ally in the Middle East, by pausing their funding that has already been approved in the House, if they don’t stop all operations with Hamas. It’s a very clear message, ‘this for that,'” the Florida congressman said on Thursday. “These are the same accusations made against President Trump, which resulted in his impeachment by Democrats. The same must happen for Joe Biden, which is why we’re drawing up articles of impeachment now.”

“In violation of his oath to faithfully execute the office of President and to uphold the Constitution, President Biden abused the powers of his office by soliciting a ‘quid pro quo’ with Israel while leveraging vital military aid for policy changes. This egregious action not only compromised the credibility of the United States but also undermined the interests of our longstanding ally, Israel. Therefore, President Biden’s conduct warrants impeachment, trial, removal from office, and disqualification from holding any future office under the United States,” Mills said in a statement.

Rep. Mills discussed his impeachment articles with Martha MacCallum on Friday’s edition of “The Story” on Fox News.

(Video: Fox News)

The articles come after Senator Tom Cotton (R-AR) urged House Republicans to impeach Biden.

In addition to Mills’ impeachment, the Republican-led House Oversight Committee is launching an investigation into Biden

“The Committee is alarmed by the Biden Administration’s willingness to play political games with U.S. taxpayer funded assistance going to Israel. President Biden signed off on a pause of a weapons delivery to Israel, a longtime U.S. ally. Given President Biden’s scheduled speech on Tuesday, May 8, 2024, to mark Holocaust Remembrance Day, the White House Security Council reportedly chose to keep news of this decision to withhold vital military support out of the public’s attention until after his remarks,” GOP lawmakers wrote in a letter to Assistant to the President for National Security Affairs Jake Sullivan.

“The Committee seeks a briefing, as well as documents and information related to this decision, including any legal justification for withholding essential supplies from Israel in its fight against Hamas terrorists who still have Israeli and American hostages,” the letter reads.

Chris Donaldson


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