‘Body armor for life’: Marcus Luttrell shares rite of passage for 13-year-old son

A rite of passage for retired U.S. Navy SEAL Marcus Luttrell’s son included a valuable lesson on putting on “body armor for life.”

When not using his platform to honor everyday heroes by sharing their stories of surviving adversaries through the “Team Never Quit” podcast, part of the Team Never Quit Foundation’s mission to help veterans and first responders, the Lone Survivor of Operation Red Wings served another calling as a father of two.

As part of that charge, Luttrell took to social media this week to mark his son becoming a teenager with a message for families everywhere, “We have to teach our kids to put the Armor of God on every day.”

“Hey, what’s up y’all. My son Axe turned 13 so the ladies sent me down here to get his body armor for life put on. So what do y’all think?” began the short video before the SEAL turned the camera on his combat-ready teen adorned with a helmet and vest while wielding a riot shield and a weapon.


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It was then that the father quizzed his son on what each item represented as he expressed, “Man you look good, bro. Tell me about that helmet. What you wearing?’

“Salvation,” replied Axe.

“How about your body armor?…And that belt?…Tell me about those shoes,” said the father earning responses to each, “God’s righteousness,” “Truth” and “Good news.”

“That’s the good news!” exclaimed Luttrell before asking about the shield and sword his son explained were the “Shield of faith” and “Word of God.”

“That’s right. That’s right. What are you man?” continued the questioning as Axe replied, “American by birth, Texan by the grace of God.”

“Amen,” Luttrell said into the camera. “I’ll get him there.”

The important message from the brother of freshman Texas Rep. Morgan Luttrell (R) and author of “Lone Survivor,” a joint military operation in Afghanistan officially tasked with locating the militia leader Ahmad Shah that resulted in the deaths of 11 Navy SEALS and eight Army Night Stalkers, wasn’t the only initiation into teenage years though.

In addition to instructing Axe — who was named after one of Luttrell’s team members killed during Operation Red Wing, Matthew “Axe” Axelson — about equipping the armor of God, the proud father issued a challenge to his son to drive his car to the gate without spilling a drop of coffee from Luttrell’s Team Never Quit mug.

As part of the ceremony, the SEAL offered a callback to the animated series “Voltron” as he led Axe through putting on his seatbelt, putting the key in the ignition to start the engine and setting the car in drive as he listed off the steps, “Activating interlocks…Dynotherms connected…Infracells are up…engage megathrusters.”

“Help me wish him a happy birthday and if you have any words of wisdom for a 13 year old, send them my way!” Luttrell captioned the post.


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