Gutfeld bags HILARIOUS interview with ‘underwear guy,’ who explains cameo in Dick Morris video

Fox News host Greg Gutfeld scored an interview with the man who blew up the internet when he strolled through the picture while political commentator Dick Morris was doing a live television appearance.

The former Bill Clinton adviser was breaking down the results of the Iowa caucuses on Newsmax when a man entered the shot appearing to be dressed only in his underwear and a tank top, a video that went viral on social media and was featured on “Gutfeld!” earlier in the week.

“Now like anyone who saw this we had so many questions. Dick Morris declined to give us a comment so we were left to speculate on what the hell was going on here,” Gutfeld said before introducing the audience to Doug Depierro, the mystery man in the video.

(Video: Fox News)

“They weren’t underwear, first of all, they were shorts,”  he said as laughter erupted. “I’m in Florida, you wear shorts and a tank top.”

“How did this happen? What happened?” Gutfeld asked.

“So, I’m with Dick Morris all the time, I’m his guy, Depierro explained

I set up the backdrops for him and when I set it up, he was gonna do the poll thing in Iowa and I said, ‘Dick, you gotta put the camera on angle, you gotta put it on angle because I will be coming in and out of the house,’” he said.

“And, of course when I walked in, I opened the door and saw he was on. I go, ‘I could shut the door and then it’d be like some freak dude opening the door, shutting the door’ So, I just walked in, Depierro continued as the audience cheered and laughed at the story behind the embarrassing moment for Morris.

“First of all, the social media put me out there as oh, this guy is Dick Morris’s gay friend, the pool boy what not. I was upstairs with my girlfriend, I gotta say that she is frigging hot as could be,” he said. I was upstairs having a nice time. It was great. I’m telling you. Been working on my motorcycle, cause I gotta work on my motorcycle, and I walked in.”

I go, ‘All right, Dick,” Depierro said, “Let me tell you, Dick Morris is absolutely — you guys know him — he’s a genius, politically, he’s the most unbelievable guy around. But, he’s like ‘Rain Man.’ He can’t screw a light bulb in, but he’s one of the nicest guys, my best friend and you know, I told him, ‘Put the camera on an angle,’ He didn’t. So what am I gonna do? This is life.”

“Yes it is!” Gutfeld said as the audience applauded.

The host told Depierro that he should “make it a regular thing” to make surprise Zoom appearances, seeming to suggest cashing in on his newfound fame which he said that he was considering.

Depierro also said that he would be appearing on the “Dick Morris Show” on Sunday where he will likely further explain the uncomfortable situation to the commentator’s audience.

Chris Donaldson


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