UFC boss Dana White demolishes ‘woke’ reporter so badly he moves on from his own question

Answering questions in the Great “Woke” North had UFC president Dana White handily embarrassing a reporter for a “ridiculous” challenge to the First Amendment.

South African-born Dricus du Plessis may have become his nation’s first champion following his UFC 297 bout against now former top Middleweight fighter Sean Strickland Saturday, but the latter’s liberal display of free speech leading up to the match left him the focus of discussion.

At least that was the case when one reporter questioned White in the wake of the Scotiabank Arena title fight in Toronto decided by a split decision.

Speaking with the press after Canadian men had gone 0-7 on the night in front of their native crowd, a reporter embodying the spirit of leftism challenged the UFC president on not curbing the commentary from fighters.

“You obviously give a long leash to your fighters about, you know, what they can say when they are up there with a UFC microphone, and you are getting into the territory of homophobia, transphobia, like is there-” the man said before White cut in. “I don’t give anybody a leash.”

“I don’t f*cking tell any other human being what to say, what to think and there’s no leashes on any of them,” he continued, summarily browbeating the reporter for the suggestion. “What is your question?”

Cowed, the man replied, “I was asking that question. I’ll move on though.”

“Yeah. Probably a good idea. That’s ridiculous to say I give somebody a leash,” added White not ready to drop the subject. “Free speech, brother. People can say whatever they want, and they can believe whatever they want.”

The challenge stemmed from a rocky few days for readily-triggered reporters spurred on by one self-identified LGBTQ community “ally” questioning Strickland over a 2021 tweet where the fighter had reportedly said he would think he had “failed as a man” if he’d ever raised a gay son.

When the post was brought up, Strickland unloaded on Canada’s acceptance of woke ideologies and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s response to the Freedom Convey against mandatory COVID shots, “Well then you’re a weak f*cking man. You’re part of the f*cking problem.”

“You elected Justin Trudeau. When he seized the bank accounts — like you’re just f*cking pathetic,” the fighter continued. “The fact that you have no f*cking backbone and as he shut down your f*cking country and seized bank accounts — you ask me some stupid sh*t like that. Go f*ck yourself. Move the f*ck on man. F*cking coward.”

Later referring to the people like the reporter as “an infection” for supporting transgenderism and teaching other Marxist drivel to kids, Strickland’s exercise of free speech didn’t conclude there.

At another press event, Strickland doubled down and added, “I am not chasing the Chinese checkmark of Nike. I don’t give a f*ck about that. I care about you guys. I care about you guys being free. I care about you guys having freedom of speech!”

Included in the widespread support for White’s response to the reporter after Saturday night’s fights were a number of comments suggesting projection had been displayed by the media member lacking “an ounce of self awareness.”

Kevin Haggerty


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