Gutfeld calls attention to Dems’ desperate ‘ALAR Strategy’ to win in midterms

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The Fox News quintet on “The Five” was discussing the state of today’s “woke” Democratic Party going into the midterms when co-host Greg Gutfeld spoke about the “ALAR Strategy” — which stands for “Act Like A Republican.”

Co-host Dana Perino noted that the Democratic Party is not going extinct, but they’ve created a situation where Republicans are “part of the working class” and Democrats are for the elite. She pointed to this week’s school board recall in San Francisco to suggest the midterm elections are “going to be incredible for Republicans this year.”

“They are talking about these culture wars and Americans are talking about the issues that matter to them financially,” Jeanine Pirro, the new permanent addition to the show, said of Democrats. “Gas, food prices, and safety issues.”

Pirro pointed out that nearly 200,000 illegal immigrants were encountered on the southern border in January, which she said was double the number in December.

“So Americans are saying to themselves, ‘We’re feeding, housing, and educating all these people all these people, we can’t afford to put food on the table. We can’t afford the gas prices.’ And these people are talking about wokeness,” she said, before pointing out that the San Francisco recall and the Virginia gubernatorial election were bellwethers.

Gutfeld took the floor and offered an astute analysis of wokeness before commenting on the ALAR strategy.

“Wokism is not the opposite of any political party, it’s the opposite of forgiveness. That’s why everyone is so disgusted by it,” he explained. “We predicted this. It’s a 100 percent kind of a political entity like Marxism or Maoism. It is not a human behavior, it’s a construct that humans have to be forced into. That’s why nobody likes it, except for academics who are living some kind of abstract universe. And somehow this infection intimidated itself into the Democratic Party, but now it is eating the party from inside.”

He suggested that Democrat leaders need to find former “wokesters” to deprogram the current wokesters.

“But right now, what you are seeing from ‘Morning Joe,’ the ALAR strategy, which is to act like a Republican,” Gutfeld continued. “So suddenly you’re tough on crime, you want to cut taxes, you restored the order of priorities. That is because you want to win.”

“So that raises the question, if it takes being Republican to win, why don’t you just be a Republican?” he continued. “If the population wants this stuff and you agree that it is important, why do you pretend to be a Democrat when times are good and then become a Republican when times are bad?”

Co-host Jesse Watters weighed in to say Democrats “can’t shake inflation, that’s for sure, and they can’t shake off gas prices or crime or the open border, that’s too much to shake off.”

He said Democrats have gotten “too cocky” and that the American people, to include most Democratic voters, “don’t even was this crazy stuff.”

“The problem is you have this sliver of insanity,  and that’s mostly on college campuses and pundits on television and in Congress, that push this wicked stuff and they are so loud and obnoxious the rest of the party is like okay, okay, just relax,” Watters concluded. “They don’t want to say anything because they don’t want to get canceled themselves.”

Tom Tillison


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