Hakeem Jeffries in denial when confronted on growing Black and Hispanic support for Trump

House Minority Leader Hakeem Jeffries seemed to be at a loss for a comeback when facts confronted him during a CNN interview.

The New York Democrat was being asked about President Joe Biden’s plummeting support among minority voters when he appeared to just deny the numbers rather than defend or refute them.

“So, as we’re speaking here tonight, President Biden is out west. He’s doing a campaign swing, largely speaking to a lot of Latino voters who are going to be key to this next election,” CNN anchor Abby Phillip asked Jeffries during an interview on “CNN NewsNight” this week.

“I know, I’ll just preface this by saying you’re probably going to say that polling is all over the place in this campaign. We know it’s early. But I want to show you this New York Times/Siena College poll that found that both black and Hispanic voters say that Donald Trump’s policies have helped them more than Joe Biden’s policies by pretty wide margins, especially when you look at Hispanic voters,” she continued.

“Is that alarming to you that nothing that the Biden campaign has said or done to this point has brought that at least closer than it is right now in this polling?” Phillip asked.

“The Biden administration has an incredible track record of support in making sure that it is working at all times to build an economy from the middle out and the bottom up as opposed to the top down, and to make sure that every single community throughout the United States of America, including the Hispanic community, the African-American community, the Asian-American community, rural communities, the heartland of America, to have an opportunity to robustly pursue the American dream,” Jeffries replied, seeming to dodge the question entirely.

“I think what will be important over the next few months is that we are aggressively communicating both the accomplishments that have taken place, whether that is rescuing the economy from the once-in-a-century pandemic, the infrastructure investment and jobs act, which is creating millions of good paying jobs in every community fixing our crumbling bridges, roads and tunnels, and ensuring there’s clean water in every single community, bringing domestic manufacturing jobs back home to the United States of America,” the Minority Leader added.

“And, of course, lowering the high price of life-saving prescription drugs, including taking the price of insulin for millions of Americans down to $35 a month. It’s going to be incredibly important that we talk about those accomplishments, but not in a manner that is designed to say to the American people reward us for what we have done but trust us, we’re going to continue to build upon this progress led by President Biden and deliver real results to make life better for every single community and for everyday Americans,” Jeffries continued singing the praises of the Biden administration.

Social media users reacted to the Democrat’s “no-spin” spin on the issue.

Frieda Powers


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