Head of Maryland LGBTQ Dems busted for allegedly sexting, seeking hookup with 14-year-old boy

The head of the Maryland Democratic Party LGBTQ+ Diversity Leadership Council has some serious explaining to do after he got nabbed for what seems like an attempt to hook up with an underaged boy.

In a video that’s not going to make groomers happy, Alex Rosen of the group Predator Poachers confronted Michael Knaapen with the goods in the form of text messages to the 14-year-old who was in reality, a decoy who snared the pervert in a sting operation.

“We just busted the head of the LGBTQ Dems of Maryland going after a 14-year-old,” Rosen wrote on X, sharing a video of the magical moment.

The clip shows Knaapen, a longtime homosexual activist and leadership figure for Maryland Democrats, being confronted by Rosen whose handle is @iFightForKids and states “pedophiles hate me” in his bio.

Rosen also shared some of the texts in which the Democrat wrote “Want daddy to show you his fat hairy d**k? Hungry, little guy?”

“I single-handedly ruined pride month,” Rosen said in another post to X.

X users shared their reactions to the sting video.

According to independent journalist Andy Ngo, Maryland Democrats “quietly removed Michael Knaapen, an HIV activist and a leader in the Maryland Democratic Party, from its website after he was allegedly caught in a child sex predator sting.”

“Predator Poachers is a group of independent journalists and private citizens who travel the country conducting intervention-style sting operations to catch child predators. OUR MISSION is to take pedophiles offline, off the streets, and away from kids, one predator at a time,” according to the Predator Poachers website.

“PREDATORS ARE EVERYWHERE. Operating quietly, they try to position themselves with easy access to children, from infants to toddlers to teens. With social media and online gaming now so prevalent, predators have unprecedented access to kids. They manipulate vulnerable kids from behind a keyboard, escalating to evil that causes lifelong damage to victims,” Rosen’s organization states.

Chris Donaldson


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