Overwhelmed young Trump impersonator hits ‘pay dirt’ when he meets the REAL deal

Dressed to impress, a young impersonator did that and more as an interaction with former President Donald Trump included overwhelming emotions.

“Come here. You’re gonna hit pay dirt.”

Like the Red Arrow Diner in Manchester, New Hampshire, or Hamburg Inn No. 2 in Iowa City, Iowa, campaigns stopping in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, demand an order of cheesesteaks. Trump’s trip to Tony & Nick’s Steaks before his Saturday rally included the added treat of making an avid fan’s day.

Video shared online by the GOP leader’s Deputy Director of Communications Margo Martin showed the president interacting with a young boy decked out in a suit with a matching red tie and a blonde wig to capture Trump’s signature hairstyle.

During the encounter that brought the supporter to tears, a signed hat wasn’t the only souvenir for the lad as the man vying to return to White House pulled a wad of cash from his pocket, peeled off a $20 bill and said, “Come here. You’re gonna hit pay dirt. You know why? Watch.”

“We just added a little value,” said Trump as he posed for a picture having shown the boy the image of Andrew Jackson and instructing someone behind the counter to, “Make sure he gets a special sandwich for himself.”

“I like that kid,” added the president as he gathered up the rest of the money he’d left sitting on the counter before turning back to the boy to joke, “So if your parents don’t want you, I’ll take you.”

“Wow,” remarked one of a number of positive reactions to Trump’s interaction, contrasting it with “Creepy” President Joe Biden. “No sniffing No inappropriate touching. No intentionally getting into a minor’s personal space. THIS is what a President is, @JoeBiden @POTUS!”

The memorable moment wasn’t all that the Republican had in store while stopping for sandwiches as he also continued the “No Tax On Tips” campaign that had begun earlier in June.

“I think it’s going to be a great thing. You know they earned it,” he’d said during a speech on his birthday and added, “Somebody does a good job is supposed to pay tax on it. So, we’re ending that immediately, effective immediately when we get in.”

To promote that intention, Trump encouraged supporters to leave the message to “Vote Trump — No Tax On Tips” on receipts, a request Kid Rock had enthusiastically obliged, and did so himself Saturday with an added gratuity of $500 on a receipt for 75 sandwiches.

Nicky Lucidonio, owner of Tony & Nick’s, spoke with Fox News Digital about the tax plan and expressed, “People put tips in our jar, you know, and then to tax those tips that these poor people live day-by-day is a joke. I mean, what else do you want to tax? It’s crazy.”

“I mean, we go, we do all the hard work, we’re out here, and it’s 15, 20 hours a day working hard for our families,” he went on. “The just come and say, well, that’s half is mine. It’s ridiculous. The middle class is getting killed. We got to do something about it.”

On Trump’s visit he said, “It was just unbelievable. He was talking to people, you know, they’re asking questions. He’s answering them. He’s signing hats…We’re all taking pictures with him. What a great man, you know. We’re all rooting for him. You know, this November, we gotta get him in.”

Kevin Haggerty


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