Heckler triggers Biden during Labor Day speech: ‘The guy out that door destroying democracy!’

President Joe Biden continued bashing “MAGA Republicans” on Monday during a Labor Day speech, but not without a little pushback from a heckler.

Speaking to a paltry crowd in Milwaukee, Biden was wrapping up his remarks while pushing the same dark message he delivered on Thursday against a blood-red backdrop that many saw as an optical disaster when a rather well-dressed man in the crowd interrupted him.

It was clear that the president was triggered by the heckler, who was wearing a tie and jacket.

“Let me close with this,” Biden said. “We’re in a serious moment in our nation’s history. And it’s not – I mean it from the bottom of my heart. As I said last week, we remain in a battle for the soul of America.”

“By the way, all right, God love you,” Biden said, as the man began calling out — it’s not clear what the heckler was saying, although Biden was interrupted last week during a speech by a man who was chanting “F*ck Joe Biden!”

“Let him go. Let him go. No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. Let him go. Let him go,” Biden said to the crowd, as someone grabbed the man by the arm. “Look, everybody’s entitled to be an idiot.”

As the man was removed by security, Biden resumed the smearing of tens of millions of Americans.

“Look, extreme MAGA Republicans don’t just threaten our personal rights and economic security, they embrace political violence,” the president said. “I’m not talking all Republicans. I’m talking about these extreme MAGA Republicans. Think about it. Think about it. The definition of democracy is you accept the will of the people when votes are honestly counted. These guys don’t do it.”

Finishing out, Biden said Republican voters AND the man exercising his rights as guaranteed in the U.S. Constitution are “destroying democracy.”

“We have to be stronger and more determined and more committed to saving American democracy than the MAGA Republicans and that guy walking out the door are destroying democracy,” he said, “because democracy is at stake.”

It’s difficult to think that such divisive, over-the-top rhetoric is effective, but the president’s intolerant base eats it up and that’s the goal, to motivate Democrats to vote — even if you have to resort to fear porn.

Here’s a quick sampling of responses to the story from Twitter:

Tom Tillison


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