Hero hears child screaming in Georgia woods, stops violent suspect from choking young victim

Kelcey Willis became a hero on November 6 when he sprang into action, subduing a violent suspect and holding him at gunpoint until police arrived after hearing screaming in the woods and finding the man beating and choking a child.

Willis was in the process of getting his oil changed at a Walmart in Warner Robins, Georgia when he spotted what at first he thought was a kidnapping but later turned out to be a domestic assault.

“As buddy was filling us in to get our oil change, we heard a little kid screaming,” Willis told WGXA in an interview. “So we turned to the corner down there, and we see him getting snatched out the car, and the man was taking him behind the building.”

Willis didn’t hesitate and ran toward the child’s cries in the nearby woods. He reportedly found Haimnarine Doobay, 67, choking the child. Later it was determined that Doobay was related to the minor and therefore it was evidently not a kidnapping.

Willis reportedly believed initially that the man was taking the young boy to the bathroom, “but it took him way too long to come back from behind the building.”

At that point, the Good Samaritan’s gut instincts kicked in and he decided to do something and get his gun.

“The screaming kept getting louder and louder and that didn’t sit right with us,” Willis stated, recounting that he heard the child yelling, “Please don’t beat me!”

He knew that the situation was dangerous and that the child’s life could hang in the balance if he didn’t do something immediately.

“My first instinct was to grab my gun and go get that kid out of the woods. By the time I came around the corner, he was on top of him choking him, choking him, and at that point, I just put my gun up and held him at gunpoint and grabbed the kid,” Willis recalled.

He held the suspect at gunpoint until officers from the Warner Robins Police Department arrived on the scene.

Doobay was arrested and charged with aggravated assault and cruelty toward a child.

The young boy was transported to the Houston County Sheriff’s Office Juvenile Department where he was cared for.

Willis firmly believes if he hadn’t acted, “the kid would probably be dead.”

“He would’ve choked the child cold,” he bluntly claimed. “Once we got the kid out of the woods, he said the man was going to beat him and leave him for the animals.”

Willis was one of several people who came to the boy’s rescue according to WGXA. It looks like a good guy with a gun saved that Georgia child and others stepped in as well.

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