CBS asks Jamie Raskin, WH advisor if Biden should comply with GOP House investigations

Sunday on CBS, two guests on “Face the Nation” were asked by anchor Margaret Brennan whether President Joe Biden should comply with House investigations if a Republican majority materializes. Both claimed that the White House will be upstanding, unlike former President Donald Trump, but that it is not what the people want.

Brennan first put the question to Senior White House Adviser Anita Dunn. If Republicans control the House, reasoned Brennan brilliantly, it would “up the chances of all of these investigations that Kevin McCarthy has promised are coming.” She then asked, “Would you say today that the White House will comply with them?”

The White House advisor answered, “You know, Margaret, many of the, um, Republicans who have been talking about these investigations, and, um, even potential impeachment, have made no secret of the fact that they have a political agenda that they are trying to advance through these.”

Democrats, of course, never advanced a political agenda in all of their investigations into Donald Trump. Their imprecations were as pure as the wind-driven snow. Ditto their manifold impeachment efforts. Their raid of his Florida home was performed out of a sincere concern for national security. For sure.

“Obviously,” Dunn continued, “the White House has, and will continue, to comply with fair and legitimate, um, oversight because we are a White House that respects norms and the rule of law.”

Everyone knows that.

“But I think that, you know, the American people didn’t vote for Congress being used to conduct political vendettas over the next two years,” she asserted. “They voted for working together to make progress on the issue they care about.”

It is always fun listening to political operatives interpret the will of the people. Five million more votes were cast for Republicans than Democrats in the midterms, but this 64-year-old echo chamber dweller knows that the people don’t want political vendettas. They have watched one miscarriage of justice after another for six years, especially the last two, but they don’t want to see recriminations.

Later in the program, Brennan asked Rep Jamie Raskin (D-Md.), “Would you urge President Biden in the White House to comply with all these House Republican investigations that have been promised?”

The far-left Democrat responded, “Well, the– obviously everybody’s got to comply with the law, such as the law is.”

That was enough boilerplate box-checking for the Dilbert boss look-alike. He then jumped to the political points he was eager to score.

“Um, you know, we would hope that they would feel chastened by the voters of America who dealt them an historic repudiation. I mean, they were talking about picking up 40 or 50 or 60 seats,” he continued. “We, the Democrats, may indeed win the House the way yesterday, we won, uh, the Senate. So it is a repudiation of that kind of right-wing, Big Lie, election-denying, character assassination politics that Donald Trump brought right to the heart of the Republican Party.”


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