‘He’s over the target’: ABC News uses its ‘editorial judgment’ to openly censor presidential candidate RFK Jr.

The 2024 race for the White House is revving up, and if you want to know whether the mainstream media plans on meddling in the election, look no further than Disney-owned ABC News and its treatment of Democratic presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.

On Thursday, ABC News aired an interview with Kennedy conducted by anchor Linsey Davis.

The subject inevitably turned to Kennedy’s very vocal stance on vaccines.


“You’ve said in the past that there is a correlation between vaccines leading to autism that’s totally been debunked,” Davis began.

“Wait a minute. Who debunked it?” Kennedy interjected.

“We have not seen any kind of scientific connection from the CDC, the World Health Organization, the national organizations–” Davis said.

“But those organizations are captive agencies, Linsey,” the candidate countered.

“So you think they’re all in cahoots,” she shot back.

“Yeah,” Kennedy replied. “They are all captive.”

And with that, the subject was suddenly changed without further debate.

It wasn’t until after the interview concluded that suspicions were confirmed: ABC News took it upon itself to openly censor a presidential candidate and keep from the American public things that the current administration would rather leave unsaid.

Kennedy’s full response to Davis’ vaccine question was nixed from the interview, the majority of his response ending on the cutting room floor.

“We should note that during our conversation, Kennedy made false claims about the Covid-19 vaccines,” Davis explained.

“Data shows that the Covid-19 vaccine has prevented millions of hospitalizations and deaths from the disease,” she stated. “He also made misleading claims about the relationship between vaccination and autism. Research shows that vaccines and the ingredients used in the vaccines do not cause autism, including multiple studies involving more than a million children and major medical associations like the American Academy of Pediatrics and the advocacy group Autism Speaks.”

“We’ve used our editorial judgment in not including extended portions of that exchange in our interview,” Davis told viewers.

The online backlash against ABC News was brutal, with many noting that Pfizer is a sponsor.

Others believe the bold move by ABC News had less to do with vaccines than it did with silencing a challenger to President Joe Biden’s re-election campaign.

“This isn’t about vaccines,” one user tweeted. “This is @abcnews doing its part to protect Biden from any real primary. They will gladly surrender journalistic integrity for the cause. And they will get rewarded for it.”

Rewarded? Probably, but not by the American people.

“@abcnews is where Journalism goes to die,” stated another user.

“More fascist leftists eating their own to save one of their most successful control campaigns,” yet another remarked.

But in pulling such a brazen stunt, ABC may have inadvertently boosted Kennedy’s message.

“No one is surprised when ABC News censors the truth,” a user wrote. “In fact, they unwittingly proved Robert F Kennedy Jr is the real deal.”


That the network would go to such lengths to bury the thoughts of another potential president could backfire — bigly.


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Melissa Fine


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