‘Hey baby girl’: AOC blasted for silence on illegal gang member arrest for shooting 2 NYPD cops

Rep. Nicole Malliotakis is using Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s own words against her to scold the young Democrat for her deafening silence.

“Hey Baby Girl, two cops were shot in your district by an illegal immigrant who we NOW find out is a Venezuelan gang member being housed in a hotel at our constituents’ expense and you still have NOTHING to say about it?? Really?” Malliotakis tweeted, attaching a screengrab of a New York Post headline on the story.

According to The Post, which cited “law enforcement sources,” the immigrant who allegedly shot the officers was identified as 19-year-old Bernardo Castro Mata. Not only did he reportedly enter the United States illegally in 2023 and have his case “dismissed as part of a Biden administration ‘mass amnesty’ program,” but he is also a member of the vicious Tren de Aragua gang.

He was reportedly living in a migrant shelter hotel and was charged Tuesday for his suspected involvement in the Monday shooting. He was also later identified as a suspect in “two violent scooter snatch-and-grab robberies targeting women” in May, and law enforcement indicates that he could face more charges if he is implicated in any additional unsolved crimes in the area.

More from the  New York Post:

On Sunday, Mata and an accomplice allegedly drove up to a victim at Bruckner Boulevard and Buhre Avenue in The Bronx around 6:40 p.m. and swiped a purse with $30 in it, an iPhone, debit and credit cards and ID, sources said. The suspects displayed a gun, sources said.

Three days earlier, on May 30, Mata was allegedly in a Lot Less in Queens and tried to shoplift some items, sources said. When security tried to stop him, he whipped out a gun and fled on a scooter, sources said.

Before that, on May 25, Mata and a cohort allegedly attacked a woman at 31st Avenue and 48th Street in Astoria in Queens, ripping off her Gucci purse with Airpods and $150 inside, sources said.

Unfortunately, the man has yet to be charged with anything in the alleged robberies.

Concerns about the rise in foreign gang activity in the United States have coincided with the recent influx of undocumented immigrants flooding across the southern border. In fact, polling indicates that immigration was the country’s top issue for several months in a row among those planning to vote in the 2024 presidential election. This has created an optics disaster for incumbent President Joe Biden, who is going to have to find a way to spin the situation as he battles former President Donald Trump for the Oval Office.

Sierra Marlee


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