Sen. Kennedy grills Wray about Jeffrey Epstein child sex trafficking ring: ‘What’s the FBI doing?’

A chance to question FBI Director Christopher Wray cleared the path for one GOP senator to grill the G-man over Jeffrey Epstein.

“It’s been widely reported. What’s the FBI doing…”

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Tuesday, Wray appeared before the Senate Appropriations Committee to make the case for President Joe Biden’s Fiscal Year 2025 budget request for the Federal Bureau of Investigation. To warrant the proposed $11.3 billion ask that sought funds for salary bumps and construction among other “enhancements,” Louisiana Sen. John Kennedy (R) asked what, if anything, the Justice Department agency was doing about sex trafficking.

In particular, the lawmaker brought up the dead sex offender and his former girlfriend, Ghislaine Maxwell, who is serving a more than 20-year sentence for sex trafficking a minor, and the lingering peculiarity concerning the lack of verified individuals whom she would have trafficked to.

“We know that Jeffrey Epstein, who is now deceased, and Ms. Maxwell, his associate who’s in prison, were engaged in a conspiracy of sex trafficking with minors. So were others. It’s been widely reported,” remarked Kennedy. “What’s the FBI doing to investigate the other people that were involved in these sex trafficking rings?”

While questioning the FBI director, the senator reminded him about reports of Epstein recording clients with minors as lists of well-known figures associated with the financier were released earlier this year.

“Do you have those tapes?” came the question that left Wray dodging an answer, “Whether it extends to other people, I’m not sure that’s something that I can comment on.”

Unrelenting, Kennedy brought up a recent lawsuit filed by one of Epstein’s accusers naming Yale University professor and Moviefone co-founder Henry Jarecki, accusing him of treating her as “his modern-day sex slave,” wherein her $5,700 a month rent was paid by sex acts as part of a deal she “never agreed to and that was created unilaterally by Jarecki as a means of sex-trafficking her,” the suit detailed according to Fox News.

“I just want to know if these prominent people are above the law and aren’t being investigated, or is the FBI investigating them?” furthered the senator.

“Well, no one is above the law, number one,” responded Wray dropping the administration’s recently overused and laughable catchphrase. “As to whether specific people are being investigated, that’s not something that I — as I’m sure you can appreciate — can engage on here.”

While he deflected more when pressed on whether the investigation was ongoing, the director insisted, “I share your disgust at Mr. Epstein’s conduct and at Ms. Maxwell’s conduct.”

“And others,” interjected Kennedy, earning the response, “The whole operation.”

Prior to bringing up the Epstein tapes, the senator had also asked Wray about incumbent Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador and his alleged connections to the major drug cartels suggesting if you “turned them upside down and shook them, ‘President López Obrador would fall out of their pockets, wouldn’t he?'”

That too was a question Wray would not comment on, instead stating in part, “…I understand the point that you’re making, for sure.”

Kevin Haggerty


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