Hide the children! Joy Reid’s having another mental crisis

MSNBC hosts are having trouble processing the Biden campaign’s spectacular implosion with a second Trump presidency looking more likely by the day, but Joy Reid seems to be in the throes of a full-blown mental crisis.

The “race lady” just isn’t demonstrating signs of an emotionally stable person and the most hateful host on cable television has posted another unhinged video to her TikTok account in which she rants about the phantom menaces of “white Christian nationalism” and “white male Christian dominance,” figments of her imagination that she is obsessed with.

In a video clip that runs just over 3 minutes and has been posted to X, Reid also pushes the “Project 2025” fearmongering, the Democrats’ new hoax in which they are overblowing a standard presidential transition plan by the conservative Heritage Foundation to gaslight their gullible minions into believing that Trump will usher in a real-life version of “The Handmaid’s Tale,” the dystopian Hulu miniseries that has kept liberal women as glued to their TVs as they are to their wine boxes.

“Let’s not be trying to play games with these kinds of small things to try to pull us into a direction,” Reid said. “All that matters in this election, and I genuinely mean this, all that matters in this election, the only thing that matters in this election is keeping Donald Trump and Project 2025 out of power.”

“Keeping that insane ideology of white Christian nationalism and white supremacy and white male Christian dominance out of power,” she added. “That’s all that matters. I genuinely don’t care who the Democratic nominee is, and I’m being real. I don’t care. If it’s Biden, fine. If it’s Kamala Harris, fabulous, right? But it’s going to be one of the two of them. Let’s just not play crazy games now.”

“There are rules the way that this process works. It’s one of the two of them. Either one, I don’t care. Or you want to parachute somebody else in and they’re not him. They’re not the orange one. They’re not the one who quotes Hitler,” she said, her eyes bulging out as she spewed lies. “Fine, put them in. I don’t care. Because all that matters, I’m going to say this to y’all again, all that matters in this upcoming election, is that you keep that man and that Project 2025 plan out of power.”

Reid’s video was even more crazed than one that she posted last week – also to TikTok – in which “The Reid Out” host reaffirmed her support for the party’s geriatric figurehead, saying that she’d even vote for Joe Biden if he was “in a coma.”

It may be time for someone in the MSNBC executive suite to conduct a wellness check on their increasingly disturbed host who looks like she’s desperately in need of an extended break at a mental institution.

Chris Donaldson


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