High-level SPANKING: Trump makes move to whack Jack Smith after immunity ruling

Former President Donald J. Trump’s legal team has asked a federal judge in Florida to pause the Biden regime’s case against him following the Supreme Court’s ruling on presidential immunity.

On Friday, the presumptive GOP nominee’s legal team requested that U.S. District Judge Aileen Cannon put the classified documents case on hold while Monday’s 6-3 ruling that Trump has “absolute immunity” for all official acts is sorted out, yet another blow to underhanded Special Counsel Jack Smith.

“Consistent with President Trump’s pending motion to dismiss based on Presidential immunity, the Supreme Court explained in Trump that it would ‘eviscerate the immunity we have recognized’ if a prosecutor could “do indirectly what he cannot do directly — invite the jury to examine acts for which a President is immune from prosecution to nonetheless prove his liability on any charge,” the filing states, according to Fox News.

“Thus, ‘even when an indictment alleges only unofficial conduct,’ which is not the case here, prosecutors cannot ‘[u]se evidence’ of official acts. Based on this reasoning, like the trial court in the Trump case, Your Honor must undertake the ‘necessarily factbound analysis’ regarding whether alleged conduct ‘is official or unofficial,’” the court document reads.

The legality of Smith’s appointment is also becoming a larger issue after conservative SCOTUS Justice Clarence Thomas wrote that the case should be dismissed based on whether the special counsel was lawfully appointed, a big question that threatens to completely derail the Justice Department’s lawfare against Trump.

Following the ruling in his favor, Trump celebrated by jabbing the “deranged” prosecutor who he gloated was “spanked” by the Supreme Court in a post to Truth Social.

“A really bad day for Deranged Jack Smith, the wacko prosecutor used for Crooked Joe Biden’s attack on his Political Opponent. Today, as in the past, the Supreme Court gave the Deranged One a high level SPANKING! His ‘real’ bosses, Andrew Weissmann and Lisa Monaco, not to mention Merrick Garland, whose once great reputation has been shattered by these Thugs, and his constant defense of Crooked Joe, must be furious at him. Garland ought to call an end to this never ending HOAX, and let people focus on bringing back Greatness to America!” Trump wrote on Tuesday.

Smith reportedly isn’t taking his “spanking well. The Washington Post reported that AG Merrick Garland’s lawfare hitman plans to continue to pursue the cases against Trump, even if he wins the election.

“Justice Department officials plan to pursue the criminal cases against Donald Trump past Election Day even if he wins, under the belief that department rules against charging or prosecuting a sitting president would not kick in until Inauguration Day in January, according to people familiar with the discussions,” the paper reported, once again citing the usual anonymous sources.

“TOTAL EXONERATION! It is clear that the Supreme Court’s Brilliantly Written and Historic Decision ENDS all of Crooked Joe Biden’s Witch Hunts against me, including the WHITE HOUSE AND DOJ INSPIRED CIVIL HOAXES in New York. All of these Unfair Charges represent the WORST level of Election Interference ever seen in our Country’s long and storied History,”Trump wrote in another Tuesday Truth Social Post.

Chris Donaldson


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