High school AP history textbooks abundant with anti-Trump falsehoods: ‘The bias is worse than you think’

If history is indeed written by the victors, then liberals within America’s education system clearly think they have won the political war.

Independent investigative reporter Greg Price has reviewed five of “the most commonly used AP U.S. History textbooks that cover all the way through the Trump presidency,” and he says they are full of “anti-Trump editorializing.”


“Used every day by high school students in college-level history classes, the books all contain anti-Trump editorializing, false narratives, and employ selective editing to leave out significant stories that occurred during the Trump presidency,” Price wrote in a recent Substack article that reveals the “bias” against former President Donald Trump “is worse than you think.”

While Americans seem to have simply accepted that their children will be indoctrinated with left-leaning ideologies while at school, the blatant lies and lies by omission are astonishing nonetheless.

The textbooks, used by college-bound teens, teach that, were it not for “Russian meddling,” Trump would not have been elected in 2016.

Writes Price:

Nearly all of the textbooks claim “Russian meddling” was responsible for the 2016 election of Donald Trump, despite that narrative being debunked through multiple studies and news reports. A New York University Center for Social Media and Politics study found that Russian Twitter accounts had no measurable impact on the 2016 election. Facebook’s internal investigation also found that 56% of the $100K worth of Facebook ads purchased by Russians in 2016 were viewed on the platform after the election was over.


“They also leave out all the details of how the Trump/Russia media narrative unraveled,” Price continues. “None of them mention the phony Steele Dossier, how the FBI abused FISA (Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act) to spy on Trump, the illegal unmasking of Michael Flynn, how officials like John Brennan, James Clapper, and Rep. Adam Schiff lied to the public about Russian collusion, or the role Hillary Clinton’s campaign played in feeding false Trump/Russia stories to the press.”

And it gets worse.

Students are learning all about “the unproven sexual misconduct allegations against President Trump and Justice Clarence Thomas,” but former President Bill Clinton’s infamous encounters with women who have made similar claims are nowhere to be found.

The books are priming students to be social justice warriors, repeating “debunked narratives” surrounding Trayvon Martin and Michael Brown, “without acknowledging that the Obama Justice Department found the ‘hands up don’t shoot’ narrative was a complete fabrication.”

Straight-up lies about January 6 are being passed off as historical truths, with one textbook covering the death of Officer Brian Sicknic but neglecting to mention that he died of a stroke that was unrelated to the Capitol protests.

And when it comes to the COVID-19 pandemic, despite the mountains of evidence to show otherwise, teens are learning that Wuhan “wet markets” were likely the origin of the outbreak. The lab leak theory is not discussed.

Price continues:

One textbook says that Donald Trump’s message in 2016 “appealed successfully to nostalgia for a time when people of color and women knew their ‘place,’” that Donald Trump tweeting about how LeBron James and Maxine Waters “lack in intelligence” is racist, and that Trump’s election was responsible for hurricanes. Another attributes Trump’s victory in 2016 to “angry white men.”

One book contains the Trump Charlottesville “very fine people on both sides” hoax and another flat out falsely claims Trump never condemned Charlottesville at all.


Considering that students studying at the advanced placement level are either of or close to voting age, the deliberate painting of Republicans as racist extremists is clearly meant to influence future elections.

The pictures of President Joe Biden, in contrast, are being drawn with an entirely different palette.

According to one history book, Price notes, “everything became good in the world again when Biden took office.”

The author of that text, former Furman University president David Emory Shi “spins Biden’s limited public appearances by saying he uses ‘carefully crafted public statements to convey his stances on critical issues,'” according to Price. “He also claims Biden has ‘reached out to Republican opponents’ (between calling them threats to democracy) and said the ‘economy was surging again’ after Biden gave Americans new stimulus checks despite rampant inflation and negative wage growth, which naturally went unmentioned.”

“There were a combined 12 authors on these books. I emailed all of them for comment and asked if they would include any of these stories in later editions of the book,” Price wrote on Twitter. “None replied.”


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