Hillary Clinton’s feminist Broadway musical fails to fill seats, despite industry accolades

Despite its all-female and “non-binary” cast of performers and fawning left-wing praise, the feminist Broadway musical “Suffs” is reportedly facing challenges at the box office.

The nearly three-hour musical about the suffragette movement was produced by Hillary Clinton and nominated for six Tony Awards, including “Best Musical.” But the show “played to 81 percent capacity last week, while dipping to 78 percent capacity the week before,” Breitbart News reported, citing data from The Broadway League.

“Those figures spell potential trouble for a new show that should still be drawing big crowds during Broadway’s peak season — the month before the Tony Awards,” Breitbart continued.

“To put the Suffs numbers in perspective, the new Broadway musical Lempicka just posted a closing notice after playing to 83 percent capacity last week,” the outlet added.

Clinton, who produced along with Nobel Prize-winner Malala Yousafzai, celebrated the show in an interview with CBS News in March.

“We’re in the middle of an election year, and I think any conversation about getting people to vote, how it took so long for women to get the right to vote, how you should not throw away [or] ignore the power of your vote, I think all of that is good,” Clinton said. “This is so meaningful, and truly historic, because women’s history doesn’t get told in a way that’s accessible and so exciting and true.”

“But it’s more than that with you. It is your life,” CBS News’ Martha Teichner told the failed Democrat presidential nominee.

“It is my life!” Clinton replied. “Keep fighting, keep marching, keep trying. You know, what’s that great line in one of the songs: Progress is possible, but not guaranteed. That’s how I feel about the whole life that I’ve led, the progress that I’ve seen.”

Social  media users weighed in on the falling ticket sales:

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