Former Hamas member goes OFF on ‘low grade’ lefty journalist: ‘You don’t qualify even to be a mother!’

Former Hamas militant Mosab Hassan Yousef savagely tore into leftist journalist Abby Martin, calling her a “parrot” who glibly repeats Hamas propaganda during a segment on “Piers Morgan Uncensored.”

Martin at one time spouted 9/11 conspiracy theories but has now turned her venomous diatribes against Israel, accusing the Jewish state of genocide and claiming they have to be stopped.

Yousef is the son of Hamas terrorist Sheikh Hassan Yousef. He excoriated Martin over her defense of Palestinians and Hamas terrorists during the segment and dismissed her interactions with them as inconsequential.

Martin kicked off the clash, accusing Yousef of believing that “all Muslims are terrorists.”

He replied, “This is Abby’s desperate attempt to discredit me. I am a man of the field. I fought against Hamas as part of intelligence, legitimate intelligence organization against savage groups that were targeting civilians in suicide bombing attacks.”

(Video Credit: Piers Morgan Uncensored)

Yousef was just getting warmed up. He let loose and hammered the leftist.

Abby today wants me for some reason to apologize for saving human life because my truth challenges her convenient truth. Abby does not have the authority. She’s just a self-appointed, low-grade journalist! How can you be a journalist and you call this a genocide?” he asked.

“She just keeps repeating ‘ethnic cleansing, genocide, colonialism,’ etcetera. None of it is real, including Palestine. It’s only in your head! None of it is existential. Palestine was never born! How can you free it? It was never there, it’s just a colonial entity, and some people choose to make it into a national identity, and this parrot has been just repeating Hamas propaganda,” Yousef continued.

“She’s been there only for a visit and maybe she had some falafel sandwich,” Yousef deridingly asserted. “She really was blown away of the Palestinian experience. There is no such thing as Palestine! It’s about time to retire, find a different job. You’re not a journalist. You don’t qualify even to be a mother!”

Piers Morgan appeared to be in shock over his statements and simply stated, “Wow.”

The heated exchange wasn’t quite done either.

“Usually, a public figure, if they were caught lying about half the things that they said, they would be completely discredited and never allowed air time. You are spewing such ahistorical, anti-Arab bigotry that not even the fringe of Israeli society would agree with,” Martin frothed.

“I am not anti-Arab, I’m anti-Islam!” Yousef shot back.

“Okay, then anti-Muslim bigotry, which is frankly appalling considering that there’s a billion people on the planet which would be characterized by you as extremists who need to be used force against,” Martin clapped back.

Yousef wasn’t about to let the pro-Hamas propaganda being spread by Martin continue without pushback.

“This is why I don’t like what Abby and her lies are doing by trying to delegitimize Israel. She’s trying to discredit me. Who gave you the authority? How dare you!” he railed at Martin.

“You’re a spy! You’re a spy for Israeli intelligence, Mosab,” Martin accused.

Yousef was given US citizenship after being granted asylum for his work as an informant for Israel’s Shin Bet, providing them with Hamas intel for over a decade.

“Abby, you are bringing chaos to the United States and you will be held accountable! You are just a criminal like them!” he warned Martin.

“Okay, Mosab, you can’t be taken seriously and you’re not legitimate because you are literally, you have worked for Israeli intelligence to out your own people,” Martin said attempting to smear him further while failing spectacularly at it.


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