Hollywood high rollers stuff Biden’s coffers with cash at star-studded fundraiser

President Joe Biden returned from Europe where he further yoked the U.S. to Ukraine and spent Saturday night schmoozing with his favored constituency, rich Hollywood elitists.

On Saturday, the geriatric Democrat was feted by A-list celebrities, including George Clooney, Julia Roberts, and Jimmy Kimmel, at a star-studded soiree with high rollers breaking out their checkbooks to stuff his campaign coffers with cash.

Tinseltown’s preeminent left-wing diva Barbara Streisand and former President Barack Obama, still the supernova at the center of the Democratic party galaxy, also turned out to help drag the rapidly deteriorating octogenarian career politician across the finish line.

The garish bash drew wealthy leftists to the Peacock Theater, a 7,100-seat venue in downtown Los Angeles where Biden raked in a record haul of $28 million from donors who are content to watch the country sucked down the toilet while they enjoy the view from their multi-million dollar mansions.

On a festive night marinated with lies and hypocrisy, nothing was more absurd than Biden, a man who built his political career on the feign that he’s a champion of the working class, regaling the obscenely wealthy crowd with how he’s all about helping the little people.

“I could have done nothing and done better than him,” Biden said of his opponent, former President Donald J. Trump during a conversation from the stage that touted the claim that he’s built a prosperous economy and been a historic job creator. “We’re trying to give ordinary people a chance, just a chance.”

“There’s so much progress we’ve made. He wants to get rid of it all,” Biden said.

“This Saturday we are going to see an unprecedented and record setting turn out from the media and entertainment world,” said Biden campaign co-chair Jeffrey Katzenberg, himself a Hollywood mogul, in a statement. “The enthusiasm and commitment for Biden/Harris couldn’t be stronger. We all understand this is the most important election of our lifetime.”

And Biden absolutely RAKED with the $28 million haul exceeding the money raised that last time that he and Obama headlined a celebrity-laden fundraiser at Radio City Music Hall in the Big Apple.

The Democrat narrative continues to shift as nothing sticks to Trump, not the J6 hoax, not claiming he’s the second coming of Hitler nor the “convicted felon” smears, so now they’re going with “reminding” Americans about the Trump years, a dangerous proposition considering the economy worked for normal Americans then, not just obscenely rich celebs.

“Why do so many Americans seem to remember the Trump administration the same way we do a colonoscopy?” Kimmel asked. “Remember what it was like?”

“Remember the pandemic? Biden said, once again leaning into one of the party’s big lies about Trump. ‘Don’t worry. Just inject a little bleach in the body.’” Kimmel joked that it worked for him with Biden adding, “It worked for [Trump], it colored his hair.”

While Biden departed the West Coast with a boatload of cash, the optics of him yukking it up with Hollywood elitists while ordinary Americans are being crushed by “Bidenomics” with no help from Washington could come back to haunt him in the coming months.

Chris Donaldson


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