Trump explains why Zelenskyy may be ‘the greatest salesman of any politician that’s every lived’

As President Joe Biden and Congress continued to get fleeced by “the greatest salesman of any politician,” former President Donald Trump called his shot on ending the war between Russian and Ukraine.

Balking at negotiations while holding an unspecified notion of victory and the unwavering support of corporate media and international leaders has seen Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy maintain his office months after an election ought to have been held. Now, as the United States has already funneled hundreds of billions of taxpayer dollars toward Ukraine’s “democracy” and vowed no less than a decade more of support, Trump shared his take on the comedian turned wartime icon.

“I think Zelenskyy is maybe the greatest salesman of any politician that’s every lived,” said the GOP leader Saturday as he addressed the crowd at Turning Point Action’s “People’s Convention” in Detroit, Michigan. “Every time he comes to our country, he walks away with $60 billion!”

Fresh off a community roundtable at 180 Church, Trump continued, “And I like him. You know on the impeachment hoax number one, he was very good. He said, ‘No, the president didn’t threaten me at all.’ He could have been a grandstander and said, ‘I was threatened,’…So, I like him. But, he’s the greatest salesman of all time.”

Readily apparent was the fact that what came across as a complement to Zelenskyy was a dig at Biden’s inept handling of crisis after crisis as Trump had preceded the remark by stating, “I’ll stop Joe Biden’s inflation-causing spending spree and impose an immediate moratorium on all of ‘Crooked’ Joe’s hundreds of billions of dollars in waste. He’s wasting money at levels never seen before. He’s putting all this money into the Green New scam. It’s a scam — one of the greatest scams in history.”

Biden’s attendance at the G7 summit in Italy where he and Zelenskyy had solidified a 10-year deal of military and economic support followed a bilateral meeting in France where the so-called leader of the free world cowed to his Ukrainian counterpart and lamented that the U.S. Constitution had prevented him from acting more quickly with the latest $60 billion offering.

“We’re not gonna walk away from you. I apologize for the weeks of not knowing what was going to pass, in terms of funding,” said Biden. “And because we had trouble getting the bill that we had to pass — that had the money in it — some of our very conservative members who were holding it up. But we got it done, finally.”

Meanwhile, as Russian President Vladimir Putin named his demands for “peace proposal,” including Kyiv’s recognition of Crimea as Russian territory, a deal swatted away by the well-funded Zelenskyy, Trump argued that he would be able to resolve the conflict between the Nov. 5 election and his first day in a potential second term in office.

“I will have that settled prior to taking the White House as president-elect,” he vowed before changing gears to another fiasco overseen by the incumbent, “Biden’s migrant invasion.”

Kevin Haggerty


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