House Dems pressure Biden to declare national ‘climate emergency,’ ban oil drilling on federal lands

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Despite gas prices being through the roof, the most left-wing members of the Democrat Party reportedly plan to pester President Joe Biden this week in the hopes of convincing him to declare climate change a national emergency and ban drilling on public lands.

The nearly 100-member-strong Congressional Progressive Caucus intends to make the request through some sort of written “plan” that was previewed this week by Politico.

According to the left-wing outlet, the official plan “includes “the request for the national emergency declaration, along with requests for Biden to declare a ban on oil and gas drilling on federal lands, end domestic and international fossil fuel subsidies, and issue executive orders related to environmental justice and clean air and water.”

The plan reportedly also addresses “issues such as student loan debt, voting rights and immigration,” though the climate change portion is the “centerpiece.”

Democrats intend to push the plan despite both exorbitant gas prices and the ongoing conflict in Ukraine that could potentially spill over into a nuclear war.

Congressional Progressive Caucus member Jared Huffman told Politico that declaring a national emergency would allow the president to invoke the Defense Production Act.

This in turn would permit the president “to build more renewable energy and heat pumps to ease the strain in oil and gas markets that has been caused by Russia’s war in Ukraine,” as reported by Politico’s Joshua Siegel.

“People are talking about what a great idea it would be to use the [DPA] to ramp up heat pump production and get those to Germany. To stop being a clever idea, you have to declare a climate emergency. You can’t do it unless you invoke this authority,” Huffman said in his own words.

“Clever idea” is certainly one way to put it. But many, many, many critics — a surprising number of them self-identified “progressives” and “Democrats” — had other words in mind.

After Siegel posted his report to Twitter around Tuesday afternoon, a surprising number of these “progressives” and Democrats scoffed in disbelief at the fact that the Democrats intend to double down on policies that they must know will only worsen gas prices.

Some critics wrote that it seems congressional Democrats care more about chasing after their “pie in the sky” climate change dreams than about taking care of their constituents and winning elections.

Others argued that while they agree “in principle” with the idea of promoting clean/green energy, “now is NOT the time.”

Look (*Language warning):

All this comes as both the president and congressional Democrats’ poll approval numbers remain in the toilet, with Republicans enjoying an average 3.5 percentage point advantage over Democrats in 2022 generic congressional ballot polls. If the trend persists, Republicans will likely take both the House and the Senate.

Massachusetts Sen. Ed Markey, another Democrat, has triggered similar rounds of backlash from liberals and Democrats for continually arguing that America should invest in clean energy right now and throw traditional energy out with the bathwater.

Remarkably, just this past weekend he even claimed that “one of the biggest lies of all” is “that drilling for more oil and more gas is the path to energy independence.”

Even “Democrat” voters seem to recognize the foolhardiness of his words:

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