‘How can they…?’ Whoopi thinks Cuban Americans are not smart enough to bash ‘dictator’ Trump

Whoopi Goldberg, the moderator of The View, likened former President Donald Trump to communist dictator Fidel Castro while essentially disrespecting Cuban Americans for not being smart enough to realize the similarities.

It all went down Monday, starting with co-host Ana Navarro, who was born in Nicaragua, having the audacity to lecture Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL), a Cuban-American, on revolutionary Cuba — the senator’s parents fled Cuba just before communist dictator Fidel Castro took power.

In support of that failed message, Whoopi zeroed in on Cuban Americans in general.

“Let me ask, because I don’t understand,” she said. “All my life I have heard the Cuban people say, ‘We never want to see that. We’re going to make sure it never happens here.’ How can — how can they not recognize when the man says, ‘I’m going to be this guy?’ What’s — what are we missing?”

(Video Credit: The View)

Communism is the “that” Whoopi refers to and Trump is not a communist, not that it matters to the Marxist-inspired left, who understand that deception is critical to the overall mission of undermining America.

“The reason I was so curious about Marco Rubio saying something like that is because you heard all these stories,” Goldberg added. “Who do you think they were talking about? A dictatorship that ate the country. I don’t understand how you think it’s going to be different.”

Navarro, who seems terrified that Rubio may become vice president, chimed in, “He knows better. He knows exactly what he’s doing. He just thinks that the person that says the most outrageous thing will be rewarded by being Donald Trump’s vice president.”

She is married to former Florida GOP leader Al Cardenas, who appears to have had a serious fallout at some point with Rubio, who once worked at Cardenas’ law firm.

Earlier in the segment, Navarro feigned outrage while comparing the GOP senator to an “emotional support dog” who “kisses [Trump’s] ass.”

She was responding to this remark from Rubio last week on Fox News: “This is a quintessential show trial. This is what you see in communist countries. This is what I grew up having people in the [Cuban exile] community tell me about. It happened in the days after the Castro revolution. Obviously, those led to executions. This, on the other hand, is an effort to interfere in an election.”

Ignoring Rubio’s acknowledgment that the executions were not comparable, Navarro went off on a dishonest rant concluding with a few words of Spanish in a transparent attempt to add legitimacy.

“How dare you, Marco, how dare you? Fifty-six hundred Cubans, at least, were shot in front of firing squads. Another 1,200 were shot and died because of extrajudicial hearings. How dare you use their name in vain so that you can suck up to this man,” she said. “I know you want to be his vice president.”

“Don’t you dare use the name of these people who died protecting freedom and compare our U.S. judicial system to what happens in Cuba, what happens in Nicaragua, what happens in Venezuela,” Navarro added.

Tom Tillison


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