‘HUGE 24 hours for Trump, GOP’: SCOTUS on a ROLL delivers massive wins for liberty, with some surprises

Every day is a good day to be an American, but on June 28th, 2024, it’s particularly great to be one.

After more than three excruciating years under the Joe Biden regime, Americans got to view a much-anticipated rematch between the current resident of the White House and former President Donald Trump in a debate watched around the world.

And while Trump supporters may not have been surprised by Biden’s bumbling, confusing, and pathetic performance, many did bask in their own ‘I told you so’ moments while media shills cried into their morning show lattes the morning after.

Little did they know the day was going to get much worse, for them — but better for freedom.

In a major blow to January 6th prosecutors, the Supreme Court of the United States ruled against the Justice Department’s use of an obstruction statute to charge hundreds of defendants who were involved in the events that unfolded on U.S. Capitol grounds on January 6th. In addition, the ruling also favors Trump who has two of these types of counts against him in Jack Smith’s D.C. prosecution case.

In a nutshell, it’s a “big headache for the DOJ and good news for hundreds of J6 defendants,” as Fox News’ Shannon Bream explains below:

In a twist many didn’t see coming, left-leaning SCOTUS Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson sided with conservatives in the decision and offered an ‘impressive’ explanation on her reasoning why.

Jackson cited in part, “men are not subjected to criminal punishment because their conduct offends our patriotic emotion or thwarts a general purpose sought to be effected by specific commands which they have not disobeyed.”

Justice Jackson earned accolades on X for her reasoning, but others were left wondering why so-called conservative judge Amy Comey Barrett was in the dissent on this critical ruling.

While ACB’s decision is puzzling, there is still more good news… SCOTUS also ruled in favor of a small fishing company and dealt unelected bureaucrats with way too much power a big blow.

And not to be overlooked was another Supreme Court decision to uphold an Oregon city’s camping ban on a homeless encampment.

Needless to say, liberty-minded Americans have reason to celebrate this fine Friday, and they started the party on X:

Oh, we would never miss this!!

Winning! Keep the pedal to the metal patriots!


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