Huge blue state proudly becomes nation’s first major transgender ‘sanctuary’ city

The city of San Francisco has officially declared itself to be a “sanctuary” city for transgender and other gender non-conforming people, one of the few U.S. cities to have that distinction, and the first major one.

On Tuesday, the San Fran Board of Supervisors voted unanimously for the designation, setting off celebrations during “Pride” month in a city that has long been a Mecca for homosexuals, transgenders, and others with deviant lifestyles.

“In a unanimous vote, the San Francisco Board of Supervisors declared the city a sanctuary city for people who are transgender, gender non-conforming, intersex, and Two Spirt, a Pan-Indian term describing people who are neither male nor female,” Fox 11 Los Angeles reported.

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“We just want to send out a little beacon in this Pride Month to folks in those places that there are people here that care about you, who see you and will support you if you make your way here,” said Supervisor Rafael Mandelman who introduced the bill.

“Harvey Milk said ‘You got to give them hope,” Mandelman said of the homosexual icon. “Here are queer and trans people across the country in a lot less friendly places than San Francisco and seeing that people in San Francisco care about them.”

“We’re people just like you,” trans woman Suzanne Ford, the leader of SF Pride, said, stating that the atmosphere is less tolerant in her home state of Kentucky.

“I have to get my game face on. There are going to be people that hate me,” Ford claimed. “I don’t pass. They know I’m a trans woman, and they may have never said a word to me. They already hate me.”

“We have seen an influx of refugees, not just from other countries, but from other states who are seeking care and seeking sanctuary,” said Honey Mahogany, the director of San Francisco’s Office of Transgender Initiatives.

“Though the work is far from over, this declaration sends a clear message to the rest of the country that transgender, non-binary, gender-non-conforming, and two-spirit people are welcomed and valued in San Francisco,” said San Francisco LGBT Center director of communications and development Dani Siragusa.

X users had some thoughts:

On the bright side, it’s a far more positive image for the once pristine Pacific Coast city that now has a brand thanks to rampant crime, homelessness, drug addiction, and streets strewn with human feces, after years of one-party rule by far-left Democrats.

San Francisco is the third California city to declare itself as a trans “sanctuary” with Sacramento and West Hollywood already having established the status.

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