McCarthy says off-his-rocker Biden took him on a tour of the pool and changing room in dead of winter

Former House Speaker Kevin McCarthy on Wednesday revealed some of the weird things President Joe Biden has said to him privately in the past.

Speaking on Fox News’ “Jesse Watters Primetime,” he spoke specifically about the private discussions the two used to routinely have during negotiations.

One thing he noted upfront was that the president always relied on cards to speak.

“He’d always go with the cards, right?” McCarthy said. “So what I learned early on, he has to read from them, and once he starts reading, I would interject, and then he didn’t know what to do and he would stumble, and then he would close it and just stop, and then Kamala would have to start talking. So it was a play I used every time.”

Strange, but it only gets stranger.


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“There was one time we were sitting there and he’s taking us on a tour, then all of a sudden he goes, ‘You wanna go out to the pool?'” he recalled. “Jill’s on the other side of the table and she went, ‘No! They don’t wanna go out!’”

“He goes, ‘You don’t wanna go out?’ Then he opens the door, it’s winter time, and he walks us down to the swimming pool, into the changing room,” McCarthy added.

But the weirdness still wasn’t over.

“Then we walk back up and he’s created this little room outside the Oval Office to be a little office for him,” McCarthy continued. “Now, President Trump had it as a gift shop. Clinton used it for something else. But he’s made it a little office for himself like ten feet away from the Oval Office. ”

“Why?! Like between you and I, and all it does is have a little desk in there, and then it has one of those valets, and when I walked in, it had a blue dress shirt all wrinkled. Like, when does the president take his shirt off in there?” he added.

No idea…

“And then we come walking back and I’m thinking, ‘Oh my gosh, please don’t show this to any other world leader,'” McCarthy said.

Host Jesse Watters then asked McCarthy what the president had said to him in the dressing room.

“Well, first he got to the door and it was locked, so the Secret Service comes and opens it up. I’m like, what are we doing?” the former speaker replied.

“Go for a dip?” Watters responded in jest. “Do some laps? Alright, you’re doing laps around him is what you’re doing.”

McCarthy’s remarks come about half a year after New York magazine published a report about the president’s “weirdest White House habits.”

One finding was that the “president eats like a child.”

“President Biden is ‘pretty much a basic eater,’ the First Lady revealed in a January 2021 interview with Parade magazine,” according to the report. “Jill Biden said her husband’s must-have food staples are ‘ketchup, peanut butter, and jelly,’ which tracks with the New York Times’ reporting on the president’s culinary preferences.”

Remember that former President Donald Trump also likes ketchup — particularly on his steak — though his fondness for it was routinely mocked by the left and their media allies.

Another finding was that Biden’s a “surprisingly” cranky and overbearing boss.

“Biden ‘sometimes surprises staffers by stopping unannounced at their workstation, especially if he has heard some news about their family and wants to check in,’ according to the Post,” the report reads.

“But it’s not all social calls and unsolicited Biden trivia. In May 2021, the New York Times reported that Biden has a ‘short fuse and an obsession with details,’ when it comes to policy issues and can take ‘days or weeks to make up his mind as he examines and second-guesses himself and others.’ This process involves snapping at advisers,” the report continued.

And of course, the weirdest fact about the president is he allowed his dog, Commander, to “terrorize” the White House.

“Joe Biden may have a bit of a temper, but the family member White House staffers really had to watch out for was Commander. The German shepherd was adopted in December 2021 and proceeded to bite his way through the White House, until he was finally rehomed with Biden family friends in October 2023,” the report noted.

“As of February 2024, the number of officially recorded Commander biting incidents was up to 24 — and the number is certainly higher since that only includes attacks on Secret Service agents. It’s unclear why the Bidens allowed Commander’s misbehavior to continue for so long when his predecessor, another German shepherd named Major, was removed from the White House after biting a mere two people.”

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