Hulk Hogan expands on political possibilities: ‘I’ll volunteer to take this country over’

Wading into the culture war arena had famed wrestler Hulk Hogan answering a question about a future in politics.

“I know right from wrong, brother!”

(Video: Fox News)

Successful push back against Marxist agendas inherently contradictory to the foundational principles of America has increasingly awaken more members of the public to the realization that fighting for what’s right is not a spectator sport.

Now, months after 70-year-old Hogan announced his “Total surrender and dedication to Jesus” through baptism, and as he launched a new beer brand seeking to “bring America back together,” the wrestling icon was asked if he’s got an eye on elected office.

During an interview with “Fox & Friends” Friday, co-host Ainsley Earhardt reset a question from Brian Kilmeade that had gotten lost in the crosstalk and asked simply, “Yes or no, run for office?”

Without hesitation, Hogan responded with his willingness and two key platform points, “We need somebody in there that’s got some common sense, you know what I’m saying? So if you need a president or vice president, I’ll volunteer to take this country over, and I’ll rule with an iron fist, a flat tax, nothing but common sense.”

“I know right from wrong, brother!” he asserted.

The exchange had followed a recounting of his December baptism at Florida’s Indian Rocks Baptist Church before he was asked to discuss the launch of Real American Beer and how it was prompted by Dylan Mulvaney’s role in proving boycotts could be meaningful and effective.

“I had this crazy idea because I saw how competitive the beer industry was and I saw what happened with Bud Light and their whole promotion that crashed and burned,” Hogan summed up of the marketing move that amounted to hundreds of millions of dollars lost and coined the term “Budlighted” as similarly out of touch endeavors portended business disaster.

“I saw this crazy open lane. And it just reminded me of what needed to be done in this country because we’re much more alike than we are different, and I just thought this is so much bigger than politics because if you can’t communicate and if you can’t talk,” warned the wrestler, “you’re not going to get anywhere.”

Promoting a return to nonpartisan consumerism Hogan made clear to the crew gathered on the curvy couch that Real American Beer was meant for both “Republicans and Democrats.”

“Doesn’t matter what sex you are. Doesn’t matter what your race is, where you’re from or what you believe in,” the Hall of Fame wrestler explained. “I want to create a beer that will bring America back together, one beer at a time.”

While it remained unclear if Hogan would be making any announcements about seeking public office in the near future, his new beer brand was expected to hit store shelves over the summer in at least 17 states through retailers like ABC Fine Wine & Spirit, Total Wine and Walmart, according to Fox News.

Kevin Haggerty


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