‘Another liar and cheater’: Michael Cohen planning to challenge Jerry Nadler in 2026 Dem primary

Disgraced former attorney Michael Cohen is one convicted felon who is beloved by the left and he’s looking to parlay his cable TV fame into a seat at the table.

Presumptive GOP nominee Donald J. Trump’s one-time “fixer” has become a heroic figure to many after his testimony in the sham Stormy Daniels “hush money” trial that saw the former president convicted in a New York City kangaroo court and now he’s challenging a longtime Democrat fixture in a congressional bid.

Cohen announced that he’s set to take a run at displacing former House Judiciary Committee chairman Jerrold Nadler (D-NY) in the 2026 Democrat primary, a move that if successful, would add to the left-wing party’s already grotesque menagerie of ethically-challenged anti-Semites, racists, commies, twits and crazies where he’ll fit right in.

The MSNBC/CNN regular revealed his plans in a lengthy New York Magazine puff piece and hagiography, telling the outlet that his campaign to oust the doddering Nadler from his perch in Gotham’s 12th Congressional District will begin on November 6, the day after the election that could return Trump to the White House.

“We thank him for his service, but it’s enough already,” Cohen said of Nadler, who will nearly be an octogenarian by the time the midterm elections roll around.

“Cohen would have run this year, but the protracted mental breakdown that came with the trial made it hard to plan the launch of a new career as a politician,” the outlet stated.

“What a great country America is,” Nadler told Politico. “Anyone can run for Congress — even con men.”

Cohen’s revelation of his congressional aspirations was but a small part of a nearly 5,000-word French kiss with lots of tongue for a dishonest scoundrel who in saner times would be widely and justifiably viewed with revulsion but it’s clown world now and New York Magazine is tooting his horn.

X users chimed in on the “liar and cheater” and his upcoming congressional bid.

The contest will certainly have entertainment value along the lines of the 2004 “South Park” episode “Douche and Turd” where an election for South Park Elementary’s new school mascot pitted a giant douche against a turd sandwich.

Chris Donaldson


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